Addendum to Camping in Carpenteria

 - by Eric

I forgot one very important part of our little camping trip to Carpenteria. Brittny’s younger sister Taylor and her friend Jen decided to starting the camping trip off with a ceremonial dance in celebration of FIRE!! Enjoy :)

* Sorry the sound is messed up for some reason…think tribal fire dance! *

Free at last! Free at last! almost…

 - by Eric

Huzzah! Today was the last day of Spring term classes! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I need this break for summer term. Sure, I imagine the honey-do list will expand ten-fold, but in all reality, I’m looking forward to getting some of this stuff done that I’ve had to put off before. I’d also get to work on my own list of goals and objectives which include but is not limited to the following:

  • Practice the violin on a consistent basis. Nothing like I used to, mind you, but when I pulled out my violin last week to review some old music, years of nostalgia rushed over me. I would be happy if I could get to that once a week.
  • My 102 year-old buddy

  • Finish my Independent Study course. Yeah, yeah, I guess I’m not really out of school for the summer term, but I don’t think Independent Study courses count.
  • Learn PHP, and learn it good! Anyone who wants to do web development needs to know PHP. I’m planning on using it for my website
  • It would also be cool to read some books or get back to work on my own novel, hehe.

So there are my great and glorious plans. Now I just have to get through finals week…

Camping in Carpenteria

 - by Eric

So we have established a new family tradition, I think. A week before we were married, we went camping on the beach in Carpenteria, CA. We had a blast, and this year was no different.

Now, when you think of camping, you might think hard-core, out in the wilderness, survivor-man type–this is not Carpenteria.

Chopped our own firewood

Scavenging for food

But it really is fun. Our tent was literally 100 feet from the sandy beach. When the weather was particularly nice, we soaked up the sun and played in the ocean. Building sand castles and spending time with family. It was really great! Thanks to all those people who contributed to our camping gear.

Our wedding gifted tent!

Unfortunately, I’ve come to discover that vacations sometimes aren’t really vacations. Life goes on around you, and Brittny and I are still trying to catch up in work and school, etc. Oh well, wish us luck!