Sam’s Last Day of Preschool!

 - by Brittny

To mirror our first day of school shot :)

Today Sam finished his first year of real preschool.  Our next door neighbor teaches preschool out of her home so he was able to just cross our yard twice a week and go over to their place for preschool.  It was the perfect thing for him!  He learned so much, and was so excited to come home every day and show us what he’d learned :)  Probably his favorite thing all year was the name tags that they would write each month.   Every month he’d bring one home and wanted me to tape it to his door, so he now has quite the collection.  I wish I had kept them in order so you could really see how he progressed in tracing his name.

Sam’s nametag collection

They had a little program to show off some of the cool things they learned this year.  And I do mean little, the whole program is less than 4 minutes, so don’t be intimidated about watching it, it doesn’t take very long.

In the fall Sam will be going to preschool at our local elementary school for their tuition preschool program.  I wish I knew earlier on that Anna would be offering a different curriculum next year, I probably would have had Sam stay for both years if I’d known.  But by the time I knew that I’d already gotten Sam too pumped to go to the elementary school and ride the bus.  I think it will be a great experience for him and a good transition to kindergarten but this year was such  a great experience (and so convenient!) I would definitely do it again.  Thanks Miss Anna for a wonderful year!  We can’t wait until Danny is old enough to come and do preschool too :)

Sam & Miss Anna

Yup, that’s how Sam smiles when you ask him to smile. Awesome huh?

First Day of School!!

 - by Brittny

Today was Sam’s first day of preschool!  So we got the obligatory first-day-of-school-in-front-of-the-front-door pictures –

We could’t convince him to put his hands at his sides or really look right at the camera but this shows better what Sam is really like anyways.  We did some quick haircuts before school this morning, which fortunately went much better than last year :P

I do feel like we’re cheating a little bit because his preschool is just at our next door neighbor’s house where he spends a lot of his time anyways.  Not exactly the most harrowing first day of school experience.  No real anxiety over whether or not he’s going to like his teacher or be comfortable in a new environment – he’s doing exactly what he begs to do all day long!  But really I think it’s going to be the perfect thing for him.  Sam loves learning and being around other kids, but he does get nervous sometimes about doing new things and going off on his own.  I think this will be a great step for him, and more importantly I think it will be a great experience that will build his confidence and love of learning.  Not to mention that this preschool is relatively inexpensive and just twice a week so it will give us lots of time to go and do things on our own that we enjoy.

I probably would have considered doing joy school again this year, but all the people I did it with last year have put their kids into different preschool programs.  It was a lot of fun, but it sort of disintegrated halfway through the year.  It didn’t help that of the 8 moms that were participating 5 were pregnant, 3 of whom were going to have their babies within a day of each other at one point.  In January we split off and changed it to being just a once-a-week playgroup and two of the other moms and myself continued to do more of a school program twice a week.  I really enjoyed doing joy school with Sam and hopefully next year I can find people who would want to do a similar program with Danny too!

Anyways, Sam is back from preschool now and it sounds like he loved it!  They made bags today and apparently he asked his teacher to draw his bouncy ball on it for him.  Whatever floats his boat :)  He walked in the door and wanted me to read aloud all the papers he brought home – even though they were mostly informational papers for my benefit.  We’re excited for a fun year!  Thanks Miss Anna for an awesome first day!

First Day of Joy School

 - by Brittny

Today was Sam’s first day of joy school.  I know he’s really a little bit too young to be starting any sort of pre-school, but (if I can say so without bragging), he’s too smart to wait another full year to start pre-school.  We would drive each other crazy before then!  Luckily some moms in my neighborhood were putting together a joy school for this year who knew Sam well enough to know that he wouldn’t be a problem to add in, despite his young age.

So, in preparation for him starting school today we gave him a hair cut.  It had been a few months and he was starting to look pretty scraggly.  When we got all done we thought it looked as well as could be expected from trying to cut the hair of a wiggly 2 year old.

Afterwards, Eric went upstairs and took a nap and I came back downstairs with Sam.  Since I hadn’t gotten a nap I was feeling sorta sluggish and lazy.  So even though I saw our hair cutting kit left out on the porch I decided to leave it for awhile and clean it up later.  I had seen Eric with the actual clippers in his hand and figured he’d brought them inside and I wasn’t too concerned about the spacers.  A few minutes later I was letting Sam play out on the porch while I had a rest on the rocking chair.  Suddenly I heard the familiar buzzing of hair clippers on hair.  I jumped out of my chair and ran to the back door to find this –

Yes of course, he had managed to take a large Texas-ish shaped chunk out of the side of his hair.  Great.  That’s exactly how I’d hope we’d look for the first day of school :P  There wasn’t too much that we could do about it though short of buzzing his whole head, and I’m pretty sure he’d freak out if we did that.  So he’s just going to have to walk around with a chunk of his hair missing until it grows out a bit more.  So much for trying to get him all spruced up for school.

Sunday evening I was trying to get Sam geared up for joy school so I tried to talk it up, telling him what a big boy he was that he was starting school in the morning.  He told me, “Tomorrow I’m going to take the keys, and drive the car all by myself to joy school!”  Uhm… not so much.  When I told him that was not on the list of approved plans he changed his plan to that he was going to ride his bike all by himself to joy school.  That was much more acceptable.  Especially if he wanted to go to joy school all by himself.  With all of the separation anxiety that Sam has had any plans he makes to do things “by himself” are welcome :)

So this morning we got up and dressed for joy school and I took the obligatory front-porch-first-day-of-school pictures:

Can you believe how big he's getting?

And then I let him ride his bike off to joy school:

I only got one chance at this shot because he really was riding off all alone to school!

As we were getting close to the house where joy school was today I started to get some anxiety about this whole thing.  What if Sam really wasn’t ready?  What if he didn’t get along well with the other kids?  What if I can’t do as cool/cute things as the other moms do?  Etc.  Strangely I could tell Sam suddenly got a little nervous too.  He started getting a little clingy and wanted me to come in with him.  But I didn’t let those anxieties stop us, we walked right up and in for school!  I was planning on staying just long enough to drop him off (I’d even left our garage door open thinking I’d be back in just a minute), but when I got there Sam wanted me to come in with him.  Most of the other moms had stayed too, and we all wanted to get an idea for how things were going to go so we’d know what to do when it was our turn.

It was really cute to watch the kids.  We’ve assigned out themes according to the letters of the alphabet.  So they started today with the letter “A” and next time we’ll do the letter “B” etc.  So they made applesauce, and read a book about animals, and ate animal crackers and drew letter A‘s in shaving cream on aluminum foil.  Luckily I still had my video camera in hand from taking pictures on the porch (Sam really was so eager to go that I didn’t get a chance to put it down!) so I got a few cute pictures of the kids during joy school too:

All of the kids crowded in on the beanbag chair to listen to a story. They were supposed to touch their noses to show they were listening

They were supposed to be split up between the big table and little table, but they all crowded in around the little table instead.

Luckily I'd brought Daniel in the Baby Bjorn and he was content to sit on the floor and play with that :)

Sam was pretty clingy for a lot of the time and wanted me to sit right next to him for everything, but he really had a great time.  He came home and fell asleep almost immediately (even though it was a little on the early side for a nap), so he was definitely a bit worn out from the whole experience.  But for the rest of the day he kept talking about joy school, and when we were going to do joy school next and what he did at joy school today.

Now to get prepared for teaching it ourselves next week!  Our letter is D, and I’m thinking about planting plants with the kids.  My plan is that we will plant Daisies in Dixie cups filled with Dirt.  I’ll teach the kids that their plants need Daylight and Dirt and Di-hydrogen oxide (H2O).  Just kidding, we decided to change that to that they need a Drink :)  I’ve found a little coloring sheet that has the letter D and a picture of a daisy on it, and I’m planning on giving them the oreo/pudding Dirt cups for a snack.  I’d really like to find some cool footage of a plant growing where you can see the seed sprouting and growing roots and pushing out through the dirt.  I just think that would be a cool thing for little kids to have their own little plants that they get to grow.  Anyone have any other ideas on how I can improve my D unit?

Overall I think it’s going to be a very fun year!  I think Sam will be stretched a little bit by being with some older kids and learning to sit down, behave in class, get along with other kids etc.  as well as learning about letters and that sort of stuff.  And I think I’ll be stretched once a month trying to put together a fun activity for the kids!  Even better, I’m going to have an hour and a half with just Danny twice a week (when I’m not teaching or helping out)!  And, if I can get Danny to nap during that time… ALL BY MYSELF!!  Woot!  This is shaping up to be a beautiful thing :)

Two Transitions Too Soon

 - by Eric

So, as you can tell by my writing this entry, I have survived through the past week. After taking my History 202 final last Monday afternoon, I began my History 201 class later that night. From that point onward, I did little else but study and work on this class. I worked through the night to complete the lessons and quizzes for the first half of the classes. On Tuesday afternoon, I went into the testing center and took a three-hour long essay written midterm. That night, the studying continued as I finished the remaining lessons and quizzes for the class, 14 in all. It took me until Wednesday evening before I started on the class project, a 2,000-word research term paper, complete with bibliographical references. Last, but not least, I had to take another three-hour long essay written final on Thursday before going in to work. It was a crazy three and a half days, but I am finally done and graduation is now around the corner!

During all this mess, I took solace in the thought that soon my family and I would be moving into a house and settling in to a nice life, or so it seemed. For those of you who don’t know, I recently applied and was interviewed for an internal promotion to an Technical Services Engineer. I felt I did rather well during the interview process, and that is why we decided we ought to buy a house. This past Tuesday night, however, I discovered another potential job opportunity that might take me to China. So now we have until this Friday to decide which offer we will pursue and consequently decide where we will be living for the next few years, at least. We’ll be sure to post an update as soon as we have this next big mess is figured out.

One of the Hardest Weeks of My Life

 - by Eric

This post will be a short one, and then I doubt you all will hear much from me until next week. You see, this week I will attempt the impossible: complete an Independent Study course from start to finish in four days. That includes all reading and writing assignments as well as two major exams.

I may end up taking time off of work to make sure I can get the coursework done, but I really really want to be done with my under-graduate education. So wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll see you all on the other side :)

Schedule Swaps

 - by Eric

First, as a matter of very urgent business, Brittny has requested that I inform Amber Phillips and Becca Mock that she has responded to your tagging of her. You can see the results here.

It’s been awhile since we drove this car

So, even though there were excellent snow conditions on the slopes at the beginning of this month, I have sadly been to busy to get any sort of skiing in whatsoever. The fact of the matter is a family, school, and work take up a lot of time, so going skiing on the weekend isn’t very realistic. I have found an alternate way to get my exercise in, but more about that later.

Brittny finished her last full day of work at the office last Friday! Hooray! That means no more daily commute between Orem and Salt Lake City, and you’ll hear no complaints from me. In the meantime, Brittny is working from home full-time up until she has the baby. She really enjoys being able to work in her PJs most days and not have to wake up super early any more. This sits well with her as she is now entering the last month of the pregnancy. Comfortable clothes, easy access to the ice cream, what more could you ask for?!

I called this post schedule swaps because as Brittny is able to wake up later in the day now, I am for better or worse waking up around 7:00 or 7:30 most days. This is much earlier than I am used to, but I think it isn’t a bad idea for me to start ascribing to the “early to bed, early to rise” paradigm once again. But I have enrolled in Basic Strength Training and Racquetball on every other day so that I have good exercise to start off my mornings throughout the school week. It is helpful to reach my Wii Fit goal, but I need to take short power naps during the day just to keep up. I am still working until 11:00 at night, so that doesn’t give me much leeway. You can read more about that in my personal blog post.

Brittny had a family-only baby shower this past Saturday, and she really enjoyed the chance to be with both sides of the family “playing girls” as she likes to call it. We are very lucky to have received so much support for the birth of our first child. Fortunate to have older siblings and relatives to help out, we haven’t needed to purchase a crib, bassinet, or very many clothes at all so far. That doesn’t keep Brittny from window shopping of course ;) One of her favorite weekend activities is make sure the Baby Registry is “up-to-date” on while I am working.

And then Saturday night we went to an Evansville Ward Reunion at my sister Julie’s house. Even though it was mostly the older generation in attendance (and thus I only really knew them by association with my siblings), we still had fun in the nostalgia of all the crazy things we did when we were young.

And that was that for this week. Not incredibly eventful, but still pretty good overall. Until next time!~

Baby update post

 - by Brittny

So, since I’ve made you all wait for a whole month for a new baby bump shot I figure I better get that out of the way first.
It’s hard to gauge how big I’m getting since I see myself every day… and my size doesn’t change drastically from one day to the next. In fact, I took this picture and thought that it probably looked about the same as the last one we’d taken. Boy was I wrong! (you can see that picture in this post) I knew I was gaining weight, I guess it just hadn’t set in how much I’d really put on! Although the Wii Fit has given me no false notions of where I stand weight wise…
Don’t worry, I didn’t really gain a ton of weight all of a sudden at the end of December. When my family got a Wii Fit for Christmas we realized that the solution to using the Wii Fit on carpet… was the carpet extenders that came with our Wii Fit in the first place! Somehow we’d missed them when we were setting our’s up. Unfortunately it means that we both suddenly gained about 10 lbs according to the Wii Fit (not a great way to boost your self-esteem), but on the plus side my Wii weight is now much more similar to what they’ve been telling me I weigh at the doctor’s office. Oh, and don’t think I’m super shy about my actual weight. I post the BMI graph because it shows the whole scale for the past three months… it gets cut off on the bottom when I look at the actual weight graph.

So it’s kind of hard to believe but we’re now in the home stretch of this pregnancy. About a month and a half from now we should have our little Samuel here! We’re very excited about it. I will stop commuting and work exclusively from home starting at the end of this week which will be an interesting change. I’ve been slowly trying to make that transition. Unfortunately, since our company moved buildings this summer I’ve really grown a lot closer to my co-workers. There were a few changes on our team just before the move and somehow making that move and having the new environment sort of bonded us all together as a team more so than before. Anyways, while I’m not sad in the least to be giving up the commute, I will be sad to not get to interact with my colleagues in the same way.

I think we’re getting a lot closer to actually being ready for Samuel to come. As we mentioned in a previous post we got a crib from Rhett and Julie, which we set up just after New Year’s. It’s been hard to give up having an office since we’d gotten used to it over the past few months. But almost all of the random stuff that had accumulated in there has been moved out to our storage closet and it now houses a lot of baby stuff. We were really blessed and got a TON of stuff from my Uncle Paul and Aunt Stacy since they were getting rid of a lot of the things they had for their son that was born during the spring of last year. We have two huge Rubbermaid containers and a box full of clothes, a bag of bottles, a vibrating chair, a carseat and a bunch of other stuff from them! Thank you soo much Paul and Stacy!! Now we basically just need some diapers and wipes and we should be good to go. Ok, so there are several other things that we would like to get before then as well, but it’s definitely reassuring to know that we’ve got most of the things in order already.

As far as I go, I’m still feeling really good. Still dealing with heartburn, and getting a little bit more tired. Other than that, my biggest complaint is that it’s getting harder and harder to get up off of our comfortable memory foam mattress :) Eric now has to shove me out of bed, not because I don’t want to get out… but because I get stuck! I’m feeling really blessed to have such limited symptoms. Last Sunday I was looking around our ward at some of the other pregnant women. There was one woman in particular who I looked at and thought, “Man, she’s huge and looks really uncomfortable. She must be ready to pop!” I looked at the Relief Society binder and looked up her due date… it’s exactly one month AFTER mine. So, I’m definitely feeling grateful for how easy I’ve had it. But I am growing right on track so far. I have another appointment tomorrow and I’m anticipating my doctor to tell me that everything’s looking good like she has for the past few appointments.

Hopefully you’re not offended by seeing my bare tummy… it’s really funny to watch it move on its own!

Getting away from baby news, Eric just finished his last first week of classes! Wahoo! Between the 14 credit hours he’s taking, going full time at Omniture and having a baby this semester he’s definitely got his plate full! We’re hoping that he’ll be able to pass the Physical Science 100 exemption exam this week so he can eliminate 3 of those credits, but he’ll still be really busy all semester. And yes, you did read that right, Eric is now officially a full time employee at Omniture. He made the transition from being part-time at 30 hours to being full-time at 32 hours at the beginning of the year. It’s not a huge change scheduling-wise, he still works basically the same shift as before. However, now he is a full-time employee with benefits, woot!

That’s Overweight

 - by Eric

If any of you reading this recognize the title, you probably own a Wii Fit. We heard these words when Brittny stepped on the Wii Fit today. Now, before you round up a mob to lynch me, Brittny actually wants to gain weight and has given me permission to write about this topic! Trust me, I’m not that crazy to discuss a woman’s weight!

Brittny’s Overweight Mii!

It is good that Brittny is well on track for delivering a healthy baby boy! We’re very excited to meet him come February. Brittny has left the “honeymoon” second trimester and entered the I-feel-like-a-whale third trimester. It means more heartburn, lower back pains, and trouble getting out of bed (I try not to laugh…). She’s handling it like a champ, though.

Week in Review

I guess the title is applicable to this post in more ways than one. This past week has been incredibly hectic for the both of us. Finals week was upon me, and it was not fun. Of course, I would think you have to have some sort of mental issue if you actually enjoyed taking finals! I had finals for all of my classes, and unfortunately, many of them were scheduled for the last two days of the week. I won’t bore you with the details, but I am simply glad to have this semester done and over with. It is hard to imagine that I will be done in just one more semester!

It snowed this week!

Brittny has been terribly busy with work as the holiday season and current economic state has many retailers and companies going into overdrive to maximize efficiency and profits. This translates into more requests for work and changes to be completed before the break. And with the snow this week, Brittny didn’t feel comfortable driving into work for most days. It is understandable…she is a California driver!

But what’s amazing about this woman I love is that she just keeps doing more! Handling a pregnancy, working full-time, and she still finds time to make wonderful treats like Strawberry Glaze Bread!

Mmmm! It’s delicious!

She made time to do this and help take care of the apartment chores. We were definitely excited to be able to sleep in this weekend.

Family fun

On Saturday, we had the chance to take care of one of our newest nephews, little CJ Hansen while his mom was visiting Orem for the afternoon. It was so much fun to play with this upbeat 4-month-old. He was always happy and content, even after he woke up from his nap, he just looked around and waited for one of us to come and pick him up.

Look at that cute face!

After that, a good portion of the Hansen clan got together for dinner and a special family tradition. We had my sister Julie and her family, Katrina and family, Mike and family, Kristen (sister-in-law), my parents, and us! We all had to cram into my parents apartment in Salt Lake City (they are serving a mission right now at Church HQ), which was no easy task. After a really yummy dinner, the grandkids gathered around the table to make gingerbread houses! How cool is that!! My mother had a recipe for a frosting that hardened, becoming an edible glue, in essence. The kids used the frosting to build and decorate their houses. The whole night was a fun adventure. For your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded a video of each grandkid’s house.

My new toy!

Christmas came a week early this year for me! And while the title suggests I got a new toy for Christmas, the real impetus for this gift was for the forthcoming baby. Yup, you probably guessed it! We got a new video camera!

ooOOoo! Pretty!

The video and pictures on this blog post are thanks to this brand new, High-Definition video camera! I am loving the deal we got on it, too (less than $500). For those of you who are interested, I have a full review on my website.

Of Epsom Salts and Roses

 - by Brittny

Wow, November totally got away from us! Sorry for the lack of posts last month. I’d promise that we’ll do better, but I know that the holidays are now in full swing and it’s only going to get more difficult to post regularly for the next month or so. Instead I’ll just apologize in advance and get on with this post.

I guess we never posted about what we did for Thanksgiving. We’ve been switching which family we spend which holidays with so that neither Eric’s family or my family feels neglected (well, Kyle feels neglected whenever we spend a holiday with Eric’s side instead of with him… but he can’t feel justifiably neglected :) ) Last year we did Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Eric’s, so this year we were scheduled to do Thanksgiving with Eric’s family. Luckily for us, Eric’s parents were recently called on a mission to serve at the Church Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City helping with the medical programs coming from Church Headquarters. So, we didn’t have to go very far! It’s so much more difficult to really get away in the middle of a semester so it was a blessing to not have to try to travel during this time. Instead we went to Eric’s brother Mike’s house in Herriman and spent the holiday with his family, Eric’s parents and sister Diane’s family. It was pretty low key but super fun to get to go hang out with everyone. Plus, Mike’s wife Marianela is an AMAZING cook, so the food was delicious. Eric did have to work that evening unfortunately, but he was able to just set up his computer in Mike’s office and take calls from there. He only had one call come in the entire night which was definitely a blessing so that he could spend more time with the family instead of on the phone. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed having a chance to reflect on our blessings – especially the blessings of our wonderful families :)

So, what’s been going on with us more recently? Well, earlier this week Eric asked me out on a date. That might seem like a silly thing but if we don’t make plans specifically our Friday nights generally end up with us getting take out food and watching a movie on our couch. Which is always nice at the end of a long week, but every so often Eric will ask me out on a date (as if I had someone else in mind that I might spend my Friday night with :P ) and we’ll have a real night out. I’m always really excited when he does so because it’s just a fun break from our normal routine. So we planned that after work on Friday we’d come home, shower and get all dressed up to go out and then do whatever Eric had planned. While I was getting ready (I had curlers in my hair at the time), Eric surprised me with these…

Pretty pink roses!

There wasn’t any special occasion involved or anything, just Eric being sweet. I was really touched. I may not be the most girly girl or anything like that, but I can definitely appreciate flowers. They’re beautiful and definitely made me feel special just that he’d think of me and get me some pretty flowers! So, it was a really great way to start off the evening. We went to Macaroni Grill, which is one of our favorite restaurants, and Eric had a gift certificate from helping a guy in his class with some computer stuff. We have a tendency to fill up too much on their bread (it’s sooo good!) at the beginning of the meal, so neither of us made it very far through our actual meals. But that was ok since we just brought them home to reheat and enjoy later. From there we went to the new theater at the University Mall to see Twilight. I’d already seen it once, but I loved the books and wasn’t sad to see it again (even though there’s one scene that’s not great for those who pass out when presented with lots of blood, i.e. me, I enjoyed the rest of the movie so much it outweighed that scene. Plus, since I knew where that scene was I was able to prepare myself in advance). Eric has read the books (just for kicks) as well, so he was able to enjoy himself well enough. Overall, we thought they did a pretty good job, but there’s definitely room for improvement the upcoming sequels–I won’t bore anyone with more of our analysis than that. It was really fun just to have a dedicated date night and enjoy being together. I want to do better about planning similar occasions for Eric because I know how special it makes me feel when he does that for me, and I want him to feel that special too.

In other news, I’ve had lots of demands for updated baby bump pictures so we’ll get that out of the way now:

Originally I was wearing a black shirt, but there was a slight shadow around me that was hard to separate from me so we decided to re-take in a different colored shirt.

I’m starting to get pretty big! I’ve been tracking my weight gain with our Wii Fit. It’s kind of funny because with the Wii Fit you can set a weight goal for yourself and then track it… and right now my goal is to be overweight. I don’t think the Wii Fit is very impressed with my goal, but I wanted to be able to track my weight gain and make sure that I don’t gain too much or too little. It doesn’t seem like I gain that much from week to week but it was really cool to be able to look at the graph and see my weight gain over the past 2 1/2 months:

I’m getting so close to being overweight!!

I guess I’ve gained a lot more than I realized! It makes sense since my stomach is getting bigger and bigger, but somehow the weight gain hadn’t seemed as significant since I was weighing myself pretty much every day as I play with the Wii Fit.

Samuel is starting to move a TON. I have never been so amused by my own stomach in my entire life! I can sit down in the evenings and watch as he kicks and punches me hard enough that you can see my whole stomach move. It’s the most bizarre feeling but so cool to think of the little person inside of me that we’re going to get to meet in not too long! What’s really fun is that Samuel responds to Eric touching my stomach but not anyone else. Whenever Eric will be cuddled with me or just touch my stomach he tends to get kicked. Hopefully that means that Samuel really likes him, and not that he’s trying to kick his dad in the face! I can’t believe we have less than 12 weeks until my due date. I’m still feeling really well and I’m just counting that as a blessing. I do have some pretty good heartburn which is weird for me since I’ve never really had heartburn pre-pregnancy. However, it’s nothing that I can’t handle with some Tums, and I figure the extra calcium is good for me anyways (oh, and Otter Pops really help too – thanks Amber for that tip!!). That’s really about the only symptom I have right now, which is pretty good for being in my third trimester.

We got a crib yesterday which we’re super excited about! Eric’s sister Julie was cleaning out some closets and found their crib that they don’t need anymore. It’s perfect for us since we’d been debating whether or not to buy a crib right now anyways. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a crib and then find out that we were moving to Taiwan in May (still no word on whether that’s going to happen or not–Eric says it’s normal for Omniture to take this long) and have to either move it or buy a new one when we get there anyways. I figure Samuel will probably mostly sleep in a bassinet for those couple of months anyways so it seemed like it was potentially a huge waste of money. But now we have a crib whether we move or not! Thanks soo much Julie and Rhett!!

Let’s see, other important things that happened this week. Oh, Eric got his toe cut off by the podiatrist. Okay, so not really, but that’s what I like to say happened. Eric’s had an ingrown toenail that had slowly gotten worse and worse for the past few months and we decided it was finally time for him to just go to a podiatrist and have them take care of it. Really all they had to do was cut off a large chunk of his toenail and use some acid to kill the root of the part that was becoming overgrown. We forgot to take pictures of it before, but here’s some pictures of it now:

Here it is pre-soak with his Epsom salts and antibiotic ointment.

He’s supposed to soak it in water with epsom salts every day until it’s healed and then put the antibiotic ointment on it and keep a bandaid on it.

It has healed so fast! I think if we’d realized how easy the whole thing was going to be and how much better his toe would be we’d have done it a lot sooner. But we’re glad he’s done it now! And we’re definitely glad for insurance so that the procedure hardly cost us anything.

I guess those are our highlights from the past couple of weeks. Eric is getting ready for finals now which has kept us up later in the evenings and he’s been super busy. He had a paper or a project due every day this last week and was up really late completing them. Hopefully this next week will be a lot easier for him! I think he’s looking forward to having two weeks off for Christmas and getting a chance to just relax. I know I’m excited, and I don’t even get the two weeks off! That’s pretty much all from us for now. Hope everyone has a great week!

Slower week

 - by Eric

Since this is me, I won’t be doing a novel-lengthed post. I don’t even think there’s much Brittny could write about.

BYU didn’t play football this week, but the crazy upset loss USC had was pretty nice for us (even though analysts still don’t take us seriously)! Hopefully we can keep this winning streak going! We are the last non-BCS team to win a national championship, so that would be neat to do it again!

We went to the Office Premiere party at Cody & Amber’s house last Friday. It was a ton of fun! I won’t spoil the exact detail, but something has happened that we have been waiting to happen for quite some time.

I’m still really enjoying my scooter, by the way. I went to fill up this week–$3.52 and that’s all :) Wish me luck on my skills test (to make my motorcycle license permanent) next week.

School is school. I’m trying to fight Senioritis, and so far so good…