Sam’s Vain Repetitions

 - by Brittny

On Saturday we were talking with Sam about going to nursery and he mentioned that the other kids tell him no to praying. Sam is extremely articulate for his age and I would imagine that he frequently volunteers to give the prayer in nursery. I would imagine that the other kids might not appreciate his prayers as much as we do at home. Sam says a lot of the same things over and over in his prayers and we find it amusing what his unique vain repetitions are.  I thought I’d take a minute to record some of these here:

  • Thank you for Mommy & Daddy that they should go on a date this morning and Grannie and Grandpa that they should go on a date too –  We’re not sure how this started but every prayer Sam says includes this line.  I especially love that he’s not just praying that we *will* go on a date, but thankful that we *did* go on a date (even though Eric and I pretty rarely go on formal dates).  I also enjoy the fact that Eric and I apparently need help in this area, as do his parents, but my parents are doing just fine.  Good job Mom & Dad :)  Maybe Sam is just reinforcing John Wooden’s quote – “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”  Recently when we’ll ask him to say the prayer he will first protest “I can only do ones with Grannie and Grandpa in them”, which we tell him is great, we love his prayers with Grannie and Grandpa in them.
  • Please bless Daniel that he can be a good example to his baby brother – I guess Daniel has a baby brother that we don’t know about (!?)  I’m pretty sure this came about because we’ve before prayed for Sam that he could be a good example to his baby brother.  Every so often Sam changes it and prays that Daniel can be a good example to his big brother
  • Please bless this food that it will give us the nourish and strengthen us – For those of you who aren’t really familiar with Mormon culture I should explain.  Normally when someone is giving a prayer prior to a meal they will ask for a blessing over the food.  Often that involves using the phrase “please bless this food to give us the nourishment and strength that we need” or “please bless this food to nourish and strengthen us.”  I guess Eric and I have used each of these phrases frequently enough  that Sam has mashed them into a single phrase.  The best part is he will say this even if we aren’t sitting down to eat anything!
  • Please bless daddy that he can travel home safely – Again, this is said pretty much in every prayer, even if Sam is sitting on Eric’s lap, clearly negating the need for Eric to travel home safely, although we are not ungrateful for the added blessing of safety the next time he is away from us :)
That pretty well sums up the items that routinely make it into Sam’s prayers.  The other thing that’s really funny is that whenever Sam is praying he switches to a really sweet, high-pitched intonation and cadence.  It totally cracks us up.  Here are some other things that Sam has prayed for before that haven’t made it into his regular lineup but we enjoyed nonetheless –
  • Please bless that we can go to Grannie and Grandpa’s and Bobo’s, and Uncle Mike’s and eat food and rice and that we can watch Rio and do good things today – Too bad we weren’t able to do all those things , that would have made for a fun day!
  • Please bless Daniel, to nourish and strengthen us – We laughed about this one for days.  Evidently Sam was taking to cannibalism and Daniel was going to be the first to go!
  • Thank you that I am Superman – This was just last night.  Sam had gotten some new Superman pajamas and was wearing them while saying his prayers.  This was just such a cute way to phrase it and we loved it!
  • Thank you for headphones and hot dogs and Aunt Tay Tay – This is an old one and I’ve posted about it before, but I think it bears repeating.  Taylor was just honored that Sam was as thankful for her as he was for headphones and hot dogs – that’s high praise from Sam!

I’m sure there’s lots of other things I could post about that Sam has prayed for in the past, but that’s all I can come up with off the top of my head and from a search through my GMail/Google Talk history.  We sure like this kid and his awesome personality.

FHE Desserts

 - by Brittny

Sam *loves* Family Home Evening.  It is one of his favorite things in the world.  Frequently during the week I will watch him “play” Family Home Evening.  He’ll sing a song, say a prayer, pretend to have a lesson, sing and pray again.  It’s SO cute.  We haven’t always been awesome at actually doing FHE though because we wouldn’t have a lesson quite ready.  Fortunately for us our sister-in-law made us a whole bunch of Family Home Evening Lessons for Christmas so now it’s even easier for us to make sure we actually do Family Home Evening each week.  (Thanks Susan!)

As everyone knows, the most important part of FHE is the treats afterwards.  Since we’re pretty lame our post-FHE treat is pretty much always Oreos.  It’s already made, easy, makes everyone happy, and we fairly consistently have some on hand.  In fact, I think Sam would be surprised to find out that Oreos are *not* a church mandated part of FHE ;)

Tonight after we finished our FHE Sam was excited for his treat, so I pulled out the Oreos and started eating some with him.  Eric had just gotten Daniel back to sleep in his arms so he retreated upstairs with the baby so he could keep him asleep (particularly since Danny’s been sick recently with a little bit of croup :( )

I walked away from Sam momentarily and looked over just as Sam was going up to the counter to reach for another Oreo.  I didn’t so much mind that he was getting a second Oreo, just that he was going for it without asking.  So I mildly scolded him with a, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”  To which Sam responded something about Daddy and milk cookies (he calls Oreos “Daddy milk cookies” because they are Eric’s favorite treats and he – of course – always eats them with milk).  I decided to count that as a request and handed him an Oreo.

Sam immediately took that cookie, ran upstairs… and gave it to Eric.  He was so concerned that his Daddy hadn’t gotten a treat after FHE that he wanted to make sure that Daddy was taken care of. He didn’t even come back and ask for another cookie for himself.  I’m constantly amazed at the sweet and caring nature of our little Sam :)

Conversations with Sam

 - by Brittny

I was trying to get Sam to take a nap this afternoon and came back into his room and was holding his hand to try and comfort him while he fell asleep.  The following conversation ensued –

“Mama, your hands are cold!”

“Yes Sam, that happens sometimes”

“Mama, your balls are cold too!”

I had a very hard time responding to that comment with a straight face.  I should note that Sam calls the knuckles that join your fingers to the rest of your hand “balls”, so his comment was in no way, shape or form intended to be crude.  However, even knowing that it was hard to continue in that conversation.

On a completely different note, last night we had a Family Home Evening lesson where we talked about being children of God.  We explained to Sam that Sam was a child of God, and so was Daddy, and Mommy, and Baby Daniel.  Then we explained to him that we recently had something very special happen in our family – we had a new baby!  We told him that Baby Daniel had been living with Heavenly Father before he came here.  Sam was so excited about this that he got off his chair, ran across the room to where Daniel was and started saying “Daniel! You were with Heavenly Father!”  It was really sweet to see his excitement to teach his baby brother this important truth.  We are so grateful to have both of these sweet little boys in our home.

Making a stand

 - by Eric

When the Supreme Court of California overturned a defining marriage law that passed 2-to-1 in the popular vote, I wonder where the voice of the people has gone. I find it somewhat disturbing that the justices can change well over 3,000 years of written history defining that marriage is between a man and a woman. The interesting thing is that this law was also designed to guarantee the same basic civil rights to homosexual partners. There was no tangible discrimination in this. It is just a plain, verifiable fact. Homosexuality is a trait that defies the basic laws of nature. With all do respect, gays and lesbians are literally freaks of nature. I don’t say that to be mean, it is simply a scientific fact. Why then should the definition of marriage change? In my opinion, it shouldn’t.

Now with this law being overturned, the precedent has been set against us, and I truly think we need to act fast to set our own precedent wherever we can–an amendment to every state constitution in this country that defines marriage being between a man and a woman. Because sooner or later, our first amendment rights will become threatened…

Here’s a story about a Pastor who was put on trial because of his personal beliefs: CBC

If you read the article, you will notice that only one side of the argument was considered:

“Nichols had complained to the human rights commission, too, arguing that for the province to require him to perform same-sex ceremonies contrary to his religious beliefs was discriminatory. The commission did not allow that complaint to proceed, however.”

I am not saying we do not or should not respect people’s choices and individuality, but I will fight for my right to practice my religion, just as I will fight to allow anyone else to do so.