FHE Desserts

 - by Brittny

Sam *loves* Family Home Evening.  It is one of his favorite things in the world.  Frequently during the week I will watch him “play” Family Home Evening.  He’ll sing a song, say a prayer, pretend to have a lesson, sing and pray again.  It’s SO cute.  We haven’t always been awesome at actually doing FHE though because we wouldn’t have a lesson quite ready.  Fortunately for us our sister-in-law made us a whole bunch of Family Home Evening Lessons for Christmas so now it’s even easier for us to make sure we actually do Family Home Evening each week.  (Thanks Susan!)

As everyone knows, the most important part of FHE is the treats afterwards.  Since we’re pretty lame our post-FHE treat is pretty much always Oreos.  It’s already made, easy, makes everyone happy, and we fairly consistently have some on hand.  In fact, I think Sam would be surprised to find out that Oreos are *not* a church mandated part of FHE ;)

Tonight after we finished our FHE Sam was excited for his treat, so I pulled out the Oreos and started eating some with him.  Eric had just gotten Daniel back to sleep in his arms so he retreated upstairs with the baby so he could keep him asleep (particularly since Danny’s been sick recently with a little bit of croup :( )

I walked away from Sam momentarily and looked over just as Sam was going up to the counter to reach for another Oreo.  I didn’t so much mind that he was getting a second Oreo, just that he was going for it without asking.  So I mildly scolded him with a, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”  To which Sam responded something about Daddy and milk cookies (he calls Oreos “Daddy milk cookies” because they are Eric’s favorite treats and he – of course – always eats them with milk).  I decided to count that as a request and handed him an Oreo.

Sam immediately took that cookie, ran upstairs… and gave it to Eric.  He was so concerned that his Daddy hadn’t gotten a treat after FHE that he wanted to make sure that Daddy was taken care of. He didn’t even come back and ask for another cookie for himself.  I’m constantly amazed at the sweet and caring nature of our little Sam :)

Winner, Winner Pizza Dinner!

 - by Brittny

Sam enjoying gelato :)

Last night as I was finishing making butternut squash soup for dinner I popped onto Facebook for a second to catch up on my newsfeed.  I had a notification that one of my friends had posted something on my Wall.  So I clicked on it to find that she was wondering if I was the person who had won Terra Mia’s free pizza of the day drawing.  So, another click over to Terra Mia’s Facebook page and I discovered – I was!  So we put the soup in the fridge and headed out to Orem for our free pizza.

If you live in Utah Valley and haven’t been to Terra Mia before I highly recommend it.  They’re an authentic Italian pizza place,  and their food is delicious.  Don’t go in expecting Domino’s pizza, this is Italian pizza.  The pizzas are personal sized and delicious, but it’s not the pizza that your kids are expecting.  More fun for a date and trying something new.  We got their Penne Alfredo with Chicken pasta, which was really yummy, although Italian-Italian and not Americanized-Italian.  I can’t definitely speak for the authenticity as I’ve never been to Italy before, but I can say that it tasted foreign to my American palate, in a good way.  It was delicious just not exactly what I expect in an alfredo sauce, it was richer and had some flavors that I didn’t expect )(sorry I’m not a great describer of food).  We also got a Contadina pizza, which has mushroom, eggplant, peppers and artichokes.  I have recently discovered that I *love* artichokes so this was a natural choice for me :)  And of course, to top it all off we got some gelato.  In my opinion the gelato is the reason to go to Terra Mia.  The rest of the food is very very good, but I’m a sucker for ice cream in any form!  We split the cup with half chocolate and half raspberry.  Mmmmmmm, heaven!  We discovered that Sam takes after his dad’s palate and he was more inclined towards the raspberry than the chocolate.  I was ok with that because the chocolate was pretty incredible, definitely not an American chocolate, but a richer chocolate.  The combination of those two flavors was pretty awesome (good pick Eric!).  Anyways, we really enjoyed our impromptu night out and I was excited to win something! If you want to be eligible to win their daily free pizza giveaway all you have to do is “like” their Facebook page and then keep an eye out to see if you’ve won.  Thanks Terra Mia for a fun night out as a family!

When Life™ Gives You Apricots

 - by Brittny

My sister and I recently decided to start participating in Bountiful Baskets.  It’s a produce co-op where we pay $15 for a whole bunch of fresh produce.  It’s a great deal, and it’s been really fun for us.  I’ve really liked it because it forces me to include fresh fruits and vegetables into our meal plans (something I’m not great at naturally) and it saves us money, and it gives me a chance to try out some different fruits and vegetables.  Most weeks we end up getting at least one thing that I’ve never seen before or at least wouldn’t have purchased myself.  It gives me a good opportunity to try out new recipes and add some variety into what we eat.  For example, a few weeks ago we got a bunch of anaheim chiles.  For the next couple weeks we had anaheim chiles added into just about everything we ate – enchiladas, meatloaf, baked ziti etc.  While we were glad to get through all of those chiles and not have to keep having  them pop up in different things, it was a fun change of pace to our normal routine meals.  Another week we got a head of cauliflower, and Eric has been less than impressed with any presentation of cauliflower he’s come across in the past.  So I searched for a recipe with a different take on cauliflower and came up with this recipe for roasted garlic cauliflower.  My mom was a little bit skeptical about baking cauliflower like that because she’s never seen it done before.  However, Eric is now a fan of cauliflower, and we’ll definitely be making that in the future.  I call it Iron Chef: Bountiful Baskets because you’ll get these mystery ingredients that you have to plan your meals around.

Well, a couple weeks ago we got apricots, and I had no idea what to do with apricots.  So I went to my trusty to find some ideas.  I finally settled on making apricot chicken.  I found a recipe that called for doing it in the crock pot, which seemed like the way to go for me.  I had to start right after breakfast to give it enough time to cook (although I think I probably ought to have waited since our chicken ended up a little overcooked).  Since the recipes all called for apricot preserves and I had actual apricots I just threw my apricots in the blender with some honey and called it good.  Sam was up at the counter helping me peel and core all of the apricots.  He’d rearrange them, and hand one to me, then play with another one… he’s a great helper in the kitchen.  The chicken turned out relatively well and I sorta forgot about it until the next morning when I went to pour Sam a bowl of cereal. 

Apparently while I wasn’t looking Sam had decided to hide a couple of the apricots in the box of generic Life™ cereal that was still on the counter from breakfast.  What a kid.