Month: December 2016

2016 Year in Review

 - by Brittny

Well, we made it to the end of another exciting year with some interesting life changes and great experiences. We really enjoyed going to the Lyon family reunion at the beginning of the summer down near Zion’s National Park. We visited Brittny’s family for a week while she attended a convention near her home, and then at the end of the summer we took our own vacation to Yellowstone national park! Last but not least, after three years of fighting with our HOA, we finally got approval and installed solar panels on our roof. Hooray!

Maeli (2) will be turning three in January, and she lives life as if she were in a pre-school TV show. She often comes up to us and asks, “Can you help me find my tablet? When you see tablet, say tablet!” It’s very cute, and she can also be found following Danny around, doing whatever he is doing. She loves to participate in his music practice for a class he’s taking. Maeli unfortunately still does not like to be left in nursery by herself, and she can get away with being so high maintenance because Eric is wrapped around her little finger. But she is also very sweet, and we love having her bring some balance to the family dynamics.

Daniel (5) is still our most physically active and coordinated child. Just the other week when we had family visiting for Thanksgiving, some of his uncles had him practice hitting a foam baseball (something he had never tried before), and he was a natural. He is enrolled with his big brother in a local Kyuki-do (Korean Martial Arts) club, but he insists on wearing jeans underneath his uniform so he doesn’t have to get dressed again after class. Danny is also starting to get much more excited about learning to read through our daily family scripture study time. He’s participating in home school kindergarten this year, though we sometimes think he might enjoy public school given his extroverted personality. He’s entered the questioning phase of his life, always wanting to know how things work.

Sam (7) is still loving the homeschool life.  It can be hard to get him motivated to get into his school work – but once he’s going it’s hard to get him to stop!  He reads like a maniac, and he is helping our family to read through the Book of Mormon before he gets baptized next year. We often find him with a book in bed long after he is supposed to have gone to sleep. He’s recently taken to chatting with his Dad and family on Google Hangouts to practice his typing and writing skills, and it provides some good breaks from the monotony of lessons. Sam also enjoys learning about any and all science. The family often has Youtube nights where we look at various science experiments and fun things that we can’t (or at least probably shouldn’t) try at home. Sam is also enjoying Kyuki-do, being a good big brother to his younger siblings, and following in his father’s footsteps by starting violin lessons this summer!

Brittny has finally bitten off more than she can chew.  In addition to homeschooling our kids she has two callings (Cub Scout Committee Chair & Sunbeam teacher), and is trying to keep her new business running – in addition to the regular duties of keeping the house in order, laundry done, everyone fed etc.  She’s just hoping to get everyone to start going to bed at a decent hour for enough nights in a row that she can have the time to make some breakthroughs with her application so that the business can start running itself a little more – or at least generate enough income for her to feel good about outsourcing more of her homemaker duties!

Eric’s life has made some significant changes recently. After two years of building a digital analytics program at LDS Church HQ, he found a new opportunity to do something similar at Western Governors University as the new Director of Analytics there. While he loved working on lots of cool projects for the Church, the fluctuation in resources leading to 80+ hour work weeks was not sustainable by any means. The new position offers a lot more opportunities to grow without destroying his work-life balance, and innovative educational models have always been of interest to Eric. WGU uses a competency-based education system that is not restricted by time, and so he’s planning on taking advantage of the included educational discounts and benefits to get his MBA starting next year. In the meantime, he still serves as the local pack’s Cubmaster, and he sings and plays violin as part of Church choir.