Month: July 2015

Summer 2015 Family Update

 - by Eric

It’s been awhile since our last post. Here’s what our family has been up to the past few months:

Maeli, despite being the only girl is still fully aware that she is a girl and certainly acts like it. Being the youngest as well means she is inevitably spoiled. She loves picking out dresses to wear, putting on shoes, and just being an all-around flirt. She’s walking now but not really talking beyond simple words like “mom”, “dad”, and “please”. Well, that’s not entirely true; she talks incessantly, it just doesn’t make much sense beyond her very limited vocabulary.  She’s pretty sure she’s old enough to roam about the neighborhood independently like her two older brothers.  She’s unfortunately too cute for her own good and gets away with just about anything that she wants.

We took the kids to the Clark County Fair in Nevada

Daniel just finished a year of preschool, and he is our silly little adventurer. When we are at home and around, we’ll often find him wandering out of the neighborhood to go “visit grannie and grandpa” or just getting into mischief; but when we take him to school or primary, he doesn’t want to leave our side. He loves riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, or doing almost anything outside.

Sam just finished Kindergarten and loved it. He is still very precocious and is already reading well above his grade level. Because of this, we’ve decided to homeschool him this next year and he’s already excited to be working on his coursework for the coming year. Hopefully we can keep him better challenged with a curriculum geared toward his own level. He loves reading and playing computer games as well as spending lots of time outside with the many little boys in our neighborhood.

Sam reading to Danny

Brittny is still serving as our ward’s cub scout committee chair, which is much more enjoyable as Eric received a new calling which complements that nicely. She’s also serving as a primary teacher in Danny’s sunbeam class. Her spare time has been taken up with freelance work, being a room mom and a little league soccer coach.  Being a stay at home mom is always busy, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Eric is no longer young with his new grey hairs on his head. Along with that change came a new opportunity for him. He left Adobe to go work for the LDS Church as the Sr. Product Manager for Digital Analytics. It has been a fantastic opportunity so far. He recently changed callings to Cubmaster, which has been really nice to work with Brittny in her calling.