Month: February 2013

Sick Chickens

 - by Brittny

A few weeks back my little brother Cody entered the MTC to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I’m so proud of him and wrote more about that in my personal blog.  While Cody is gone the only contact we will have with him is through letters, weekly emails and bi-annual phone calls (Mother’s Day and Christmas).  While we miss Cody very much there is an awesome side effect to this – I’m writing him letters regularly, which means I’m sitting down at my computer and writing out the things that have been going on.  Consequently I can take those letters, paste them into WordPress, make some changes from letter to blog post and voila!  You might get semi-regular updates from us again!  So, here’s what I wrote to Cody last week.  Probably tomorrow I’ll post what I wrote to him this week.

Cody left for the MTC on Wednesday February 6th.  The night before he entered the MTC my family all got together.  Since Tuesday is a regular office day for me and I already had babysitting lined up for my boys I joined my parents in a quick excursion to the temple.  They had planned to go to the Salt Lake Temple, but then found out it was closed.  So they decided to go to the Draper Temple… only to find out that it was also closed.  Finally they settled on going to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple since it was in fact open.  We were going to go and do a regular endowment session but ended up pressed for time and opted to do initiatories instead.  While my mom and I were sitting in the waiting area to do the work (there was a half hour wait) we sat and talked about some different scriptural things (which, Mom – you need to blog those thoughts, they were good ones) and suddenly mom sees someone walk in who she recognizes – Sister Lehman.  The Lehmans lived in the same ward as our family when we lived in New York almost 20 years ago (that makes me feel old to write that).  When Brother Lehman was the Bishop he called my dad into the bishopric with him and my dad began a long stint in church leadership which is still continuing today.  So it was really fun for my mom to get to sit and catch up with this sweet sister for a little while.  Then we got to go and perform the ordinances we were there for, and as I was coming out my mom is sitting on a bench happily chatting with someone else.  She’d run into Danielle {Shorts} Janzen, the big sister of Cody’s very best friend Zach.  We don’t think it was coincidence that we ended up at Mt. Timpanogos doing intiatories that day, it seems that’s where we were supposed to be!

After the temple we went to Tucanos.  As I was sitting next to Sam he was feeling a bit warm to me.  He was sitting and eating slowly but consistently but just seemed warm and lethargic.  By the time we got home we’d decided he definitely had a fever and put him to bed.  I stayed up helping my parents and Cody pack up his bags.  We realized that Cody had left at home a very critical part of his missionary supplies – his white shirts.  Anyone who’s seen LDS missionaries before knows them by their iconic white shirts and ties, so this was more than a bit ironic that those were the items left behind :P  In the end my mom was kind of happy they’d left the shirts behind because they were really my other brother’s old white shirts that hadn’t gotten much wear, but it just didn’t feel the same sending Cody out with used white shirts.  She was happier to have him with newly purchased white shirts to start off his mission, even if it cost a little more and was a bit of a hassle.  After we finished getting Cody packed up I went up to check on Sam.  He was laying in bed awake and looking miserable.  When I felt his forehead he was burning up!  I went and found a thermometer and found that his temperature was 104.7° F – Yikes!  I quickly went and found him some motrin and sat with him for a little while.  This whole time he’s sitting there telling me (a little bit delerious) “I’m fine.  I’m not sick. I am well.”  Which was nice of him to say, but quite evidently false.  After a little while Sam threw up the Motrin, but his fever went down and stayed down for the rest of the night.  Poor kid.  He proceeded to have a fever that went up and down but lasted until Saturday.

We were so glad that he was finally doing better and that Danny had seemed to have dodged that bullet.  We started making plans for our traditional Chinese New Year dinner the next day.  Not one hour after we’d sent out emails to invite everyone… Danny had a fever.  We quickly sent out a redaction email for the party and hunkered down to take care of our baby.  He was sick for almost the whole next week!  Neither of the boys were too miserable, but they slept A LOT and obviously fevers are cause for not leaving the house.  Danny finally got better.  The following Saturday I woke up in the morning and could hear Sam downstairs.  I went down and he said “I threw up”, and sure enough, there was throw up all over his PJs, in his hair, on his bed upstairs… yuck.  He didn’t show any other signs of being sick and ate fine on Saturday and Sunday so I thought maybe it was just a fluke thing.  Maybe all the congestion had built up in his stomach from the sickness he’d had, or he’d eaten something that didn’t agree with him or something like that.  So, on Monday morning we decided that we’d go to Grannie’s house for a President’s Day party with the cousins.  Eric dropped me off and headed out skiing with our nephew Dallin.  I’d made Sam a cheese and pepperoni sandwich for breakfast (by request) and he slowly ate a bite of it at a time.  In three hours he only made it through about 1/3 of the sandwich!  Finally I just finished it off for him and decided he’d just have enough at lunchtime and we’d call it good.  It wasn’t too atypical for Sam to eat that slowly so I didn’t think too much of it.  He went to the bathroom and had some pretty bad diarrhea, and had made a mess in his underpants.  Grannie threw his pants and underpants into the washer and Grandpa made a quick run to Wal-mart for some clean clothes (thanks again!).  As we were starting lunch Sam was wandering around, then as he was walking into the front room he started coughing and Katrina said he sounded like he might throw up.  Sure enough, he threw up a little in the front room.  I quickly ushered him into the bathroom and he proceeded to puke ALL over the bathroom floor and had diarrhea at the same time.  It was a huge mess and so disgusting.  We threw him in the bathtub and let him soak while Grannie and I cleaned up the bathroom.  He looked so miserable and pale.  Poor thing.  We offered him some 7-Up and he drank half a sip before he said it made his stomach hurt – that’s really sick when even 7-Up can upset your stomach!  In the afternoon he suddenly fell asleep on the couch and took a 3-hour long nap.  In the evening when Eric came back Grannie and Grandpa had offered that we could stay for dinner, so I helped prepare the meal.  Sam woke up just after we’d started eating and said he was REALLY hungry.  I was very wary of him eating after his reaction to the 7-Up but we decided he could eat a little bit of plain rice.  He ate probably 7 small bowls of rice – which is saying something considering how slow of an eater he usually is!  After that, he was fine, no further reactions to food, no puking, nothing, he was right back to normal.  We had a reprieve on Tuesday with no upset stomachs and we’d thought that maybe Sam had just eaten something bad.

Nope!  (Chuck Testa)  Tuesday night I woke up to Daniel having puked all over his bed as well.  Eric and I cleaned him up and then Danny came to bed with me.  I think we woke up every 30 minutes all night long to either Danny puking, feeling miserable, wanting something to drink etc.  He couldn’t even hold down the apple cider that I had in his sippy cup!  So sad and miserable.  He wasn’t much interested in eating that day and had a bit of a fever – but by the next day, he was back to normal.  *knock on wood*  I’m ready for our family to just get well and stay well for a good long time now.

Another adventure we had last week.  We came home from church on Sunday and found a big puddle of water next to the fridge under the water dispenser.  We gave Sam a mild lecture about not using the water dispenser on his own (carefully because we weren’t entirely sure it wasn’t Daniel who’d caused the puddle), and made ourselves some lunch.  As we continued making our lunch I came back to find that the puddle had regenerated, and I knew that Sam hadn’t been a part of its creation this time.  Some further investigation showed us that the water was coming from our ice maker, and that our freezer was not all that cold.  The water was coming from the ice melting in the ice maker and dripping out through the water dispenser – awesome.  We came to find out that our freezer has some buttons on the outside that you can push to adjust the temperature of the fridge and freezer.  If you adjust either side to be set to 0 then the fridge or freezer is shut off.  Who wants that kind of access to that functionality?!  So one of our boys had apparently played with those buttons in the morning and had turned off *both* our fridge and freezer.  Great.  Luckily the only thing that really spoiled in that time was our ice cream, but there wasn’t very much of that anyways, but it still wasn’t a very welcome surprise.

That’s it for this installment of letters to Cody.  Tune in tomorrow when I get us caught back up to this week!