First Day of School!!

 - by Brittny

Today was Sam’s first day of preschool!  So we got the obligatory first-day-of-school-in-front-of-the-front-door pictures –

We could’t convince him to put his hands at his sides or really look right at the camera but this shows better what Sam is really like anyways.  We did some quick haircuts before school this morning, which fortunately went much better than last year :P

I do feel like we’re cheating a little bit because his preschool is just at our next door neighbor’s house where he spends a lot of his time anyways.  Not exactly the most harrowing first day of school experience.  No real anxiety over whether or not he’s going to like his teacher or be comfortable in a new environment – he’s doing exactly what he begs to do all day long!  But really I think it’s going to be the perfect thing for him.  Sam loves learning and being around other kids, but he does get nervous sometimes about doing new things and going off on his own.  I think this will be a great step for him, and more importantly I think it will be a great experience that will build his confidence and love of learning.  Not to mention that this preschool is relatively inexpensive and just twice a week so it will give us lots of time to go and do things on our own that we enjoy.

I probably would have considered doing joy school again this year, but all the people I did it with last year have put their kids into different preschool programs.  It was a lot of fun, but it sort of disintegrated halfway through the year.  It didn’t help that of the 8 moms that were participating 5 were pregnant, 3 of whom were going to have their babies within a day of each other at one point.  In January we split off and changed it to being just a once-a-week playgroup and two of the other moms and myself continued to do more of a school program twice a week.  I really enjoyed doing joy school with Sam and hopefully next year I can find people who would want to do a similar program with Danny too!

Anyways, Sam is back from preschool now and it sounds like he loved it!  They made bags today and apparently he asked his teacher to draw his bouncy ball on it for him.  Whatever floats his boat :)  He walked in the door and wanted me to read aloud all the papers he brought home – even though they were mostly informational papers for my benefit.  We’re excited for a fun year!  Thanks Miss Anna for an awesome first day!

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