Sam Perspectives

 - by Brittny

Apparently summer is a busy time to be a stay-at-home mom/freelance web developer, so blogging hasn’t been a high priority lately.  But I was about to post a few Sam quotes on Facebook and decided they would be better placed in a blog post.  So here are some of Sam’s perspectives on life lately –

Last night as I was reading scriptures with Sam we were talking about Korihor and got to the part where he had to go door to door to beg for food.  I realized this was probably something that didn’t really mean anything to Sam so I explained to him how we ought to work for the things that we have.  As part of the discussion I tried to explain to him how Daddy and Mommy work so that we have food in our house and a house to live in and all the things we have.  So I asked him what he thought we did for work.  He said, “Mom… does keyboarding and mousing.  And Dad… plays with his computer.”  I like that even though the things Eric and I do for work might seem very similar to Sam he had different (and apt!) descriptions for the differences :)

Also last night I was trying to convince Sam to go upstairs and pick out some pajamas so we could get him ready for bed.  He replied, “No, I want to do it like dad.”  Which was a fairly cryptic answer so we asked him how dad does it.  Sam said, “I want to sleep in my clothes like dad.”  For those of you who don’t know, Eric works from home about 75% of the time, so most days his clothes for the day are just basketball shorts and a t-shirt.  I had to explain to Sam that what he was requesting to do would actually be the opposite of what Eric does – Eric doesn’t sleep in his clothes, he works in his pajamas ;)

This last story I posted on Facebook earlier this week, but I think it’s worth preserving here.  I was putting Sam to bed on Monday and asked him what he thought of the Olympics.  He told me about what his favorite event, “they jumped and then grabbed their toes and flipped and turned and into the water like a rocketship!” It’s hard to get an exact quote since he was acting out a lot of it and showing me the pike position in his bed, but I thought he was pretty cute.  He gave Eric a similar explanation, complete with acting it out, when Eric came up to say good night to him.  Can you tell that we’d been watching synchronized diving?

I thought along with this post it would be appropriate to post one of Sam’s recent favorite music videos. He’s learned some of the lyrics and will randomly sing it sometimes, he’s a lot of fun :)

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