Sam’s Opinions on the Zoo

 - by Brittny

No Lions

My family is in town this week for spring break.  My mom made the suggestion, while we were chatting online,  that we could go to the Zoo tomorrow.  I typed up Sam’s responses to that idea as he talked and I thought I’d share them here.  I didn’t edit for grammar or anything, I just tried to type as fast as he was talking and catch as much as I could.  I interjected a few times with things like “what other animals would you want to see at the zoo”, but I don’t know where those go.  For the most part this was just Sam’s stream of consciousness.  You should know before you start reading that the only zoo we’ve ever been to is a petting zoo outside the gas station in Scipio, UT, which might explain some of the animal he chose.  Also, Sam is not an animal lover, at all.  He tends to get pretty jumpy around cats and dogs, even the ones he knows.  Anyways, enjoy :)

“I don’t like the zoo.  I don’t want to see a lion.  They are mad at the zoo.  I want to see an elephant, but it has to stay in the gate. We can’t come in, it has to stay in its home. I want to see llama.  And chickens.  And hens, and the bock bocks!  I think I still want to see…. one more thing. I want to see one more thing. I want to see…. Oh!  No more lions! NO LIONS! I want to see no cows! Those can really eat you! I got eaten by a cow!  I don’t want to see lions, those are bad. That’s all of the animals I want to see. Maybe no lions, just the animals I want to see. Maybe those monkeys are going to swing in the tree. I don’t want to see an alligator, those are bad. I don’t want to see those.  I have to see one of the animals that I love. Those ones that I picked. No lions. I don’t want to go to the zoo.  Oh! maybe i could eat apples!”

That was pretty much the end of his thoughts on the zoo.  I don’t think he wants to see lions, what about you?  I also don’t think he understands the direction of the food chain when it comes to people and cows…

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