Reading æ.l.ɺ.ɛ.æ.d.jɛ

 - by Brittny

Maybe Sam really was reading to Daniel after all...

Every night before bed Sam has a pretty specific routine that we go through.  Part of that routine includes me reading a story to him.  Tonight he was messing around when I asked him to pick out his story so finally I picked out one for him instead.  He was very ticked that we weren’t reading the story he wanted, but I held firm that if he’d wanted to pick that he needed to listen to me and obey.

Luckily I’d picked out one that he likes almost as much as I do – Already Asleep which is illustrated by his very talented Aunt Julie.  As we started reading Sam grabbed my hand and was insistent that I point to the words as I read them.  I think I’ve done that intermittently but it was funny to have him demand that I help him follow along.

Then about halfway through the book Sam really wanted to “read” the pages, so he’d have me say the words and then he’d repeat them.  It was pretty cute.

After a few more pages he took the book and started sounding out the words himself!  I was amazed!  I’ve been trying to show him that he can sound out words every so often, but I knew it was something he was a little young for.  But he took the book and started sounding out the letters on the page all by himself!  Granted, the sounding out was pretty elementary.  In sounding out the word “already” it sounded more like /æ.l.ɺ.ɛ.æ.d.jɛ/ (yes, I got my degree in Linguistics so I’m kinda excited to have a chance to use IPA), for those of you non-linguists in the audience it would be spelled out something like ah-luh-r-eh-ah-duh-yuh.  English is a stupid language to have to learn, but I was just impressed that he could do any sort of sounding out at all!  I think I might need to find him some simpler books to practice with…

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