Month: December 2011

“Taylor”-made Crafts

 - by Brittny

When I was about 11 my mom taught my sister and I to crochet.  For a few weeks we made lots of “garlands” (long chains of chain stitched yarn) before learning a stitch pattern to make blankets and other things.  I’m still working on that first blanket that I started 15 years ago.  My sister, on the other hand, took off running with the idea and has become really good at crocheting!  In the meantime she has made more baby blankets than I could ever count, and branched out to scarves, ornaments, stockings etc.!  She’s pretty good at just deciding what she wants to make and then coming up with a way to make it.  Case in point, on Saturday she was up here with her whole stock of goods.  The next morning I noticed that she had posted online some headbands which I’d never seen her make before.  She’d decided she wanted to make something new and just went for it.  She already had 3 or 4 that she’d made in less than 24 hours!

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet I recommend checking out her website (yes I made it, but it’s not my best work, it was what I could put together in a Saturday afternoon while watching kids – don’t judge me!)  Her Christmas ornaments and stockings would make really fun and unique gifts, and her scarves are really soft and look great too!

Also, right now she’s hosting a giveaway on her blog.  You definitely want to get in on this since there are only 6 entries as I write this, and the winner gets $50 of her merchandise for free!  You wouldn’t get the prize in time for Christmas, but you’d be ready for next Christmas, or you could have her crochet you something custom-made!  Anyways, check it out, the giveaway ends on Dec 23rd!

Come on get in the boat, fish!

 - by Brittny

Today was a momentous day.  Today we received, what will hopefully be, Sam’s last shipment of diapers.  Wahoo!  We plan to give potty training a go once Christmas is past.  However, that wasn’t the most exciting part of the day.  The exciting part was that those diapers came in a great big box!  What toddler boy doesn’t love having a huge box in his front room?

So, of course, I put the boys in the box to let them play around.  Sam hadn’t yet gotten to the stage in life where he hops in a box and it immediately becomes a racecar/spaceship/secret bunker etc.  So when I asked him what it was he looked at me like, “Uhm, a box, duh mom.”  So I suggested that maybe it was a boat.  That was immediately a hit!  He started to pretend he was going to the promised land (yes, he’s watched the Animated Scripture videos a few times :) ).  He then told me “Mom!  Float. My. Boat!”  Which I thought was a pretty hysterical request.  He also asked me for a “rower shovel” (more commonly referred to as a paddle, I like hearing how Sam describes things that he doesn’t know the names for!).  It’s so much fun to see these little kids’ imagination come to life!