Daniel’s 2 Month Check-up

 - by Brittny

Today was Daniel’s 2 month check-up so I have new growth stats for him!

Weight: 11lbs 11oz – 50th percentile
Height: 23.5in – 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.75in -50th percentile

If you remember from his last checkup that means he’s at the same percentiles for both weight and head circumference, but his genetics are catching up to him and he’s dropped from the 90th percentile for height to the 75th.  But all in all he’s growing well and looking good.  He really is a remarkably good baby and I feel so blessed that he has such a sweet and even temperament.

The tricky thing today was that we had shots for Sam and for Daniel… and Eric is in Atlanta on a business trip.  You might recall that after Sam’s 1 year check up I vowed never to do a checkup without Eric again.  But since this trip was planned at the last minute it wasn’t like there were a whole lot of options. I debated whether to do the checkup today and shots on another day when Eric could be there, but that would require hauling everyone down to Provo again (yes, I still need to find a more local doctor).  So I decided to suck it up and just get it over with while we were there.  I made sure to warn Sam what was happening and promise him some french fries and ice cream if he was good.  I held him on my lap and snuggled him while he got his one shot, and he did really well!  He was a little bit indignant afterwards, but he didn’t fight it or anything.  I was very proud of him.  Then we left the room while Daniel got his.  I felt bad leaving Daniel on his own, but he isn’t old enough yet to have attachment issues and I didn’t want Sam to see Daniel getting his shots and freak out over it.  Daniel was pretty sad after his shots (he had to get 3 today) but after a little bit of nursing he was happy again.  A quick stop at In ‘N Out and we were all happy and well fed.  Both of the boys fell asleep on the way home and I’m hoping for a good long nap out of Sam (Daniel is already awake) so that we can have a successful day together while Eric is gone.

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