Spiritual Sam

 - by Brittny


I had a hard time getting him to sit still for this picture, silly monkey

This was a conversation I had with Sam tonight while I was preparing dinner:

Sam: “Mommy! Fold your Arms!”

Me:”Ok, Sam”

Sam: “Dear Heavenly Father. We’re so grateful to be a family. We so grateful for mommy. We so grateful for daddy… can go to work. In the name, of Jesus, Christ, Amen.”

Me: “Amen”

Sam: “Alma forty-eight, And it came to pass…”

He’s been really into praying lately but I think that was the first time he made it through an entire prayer on his own without any prompting.  And I loved that after that he started “reading” scriptures.  We are reading through Alma right now, and Alma 48 does actually start with an “and it came to pass”.  We sure do love that little bug!

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