Daniel at 2 Months!

 - by Brittny

Daniel is 2 months old today!  The time goes by so fast.  I still think of him as just being a tiny newborn, but really he’s becoming a strong, adorable, fun baby.  I was able to snap this picture of him on Monday.  Thank goodness for the rapid shoot mode on our video camera or there’s no way I could have caught this.

I love that little smile!  Daniel is a very happy baby and super easy going.  It’s amazing how different he is from Sam.  He sleeps very well and only wakes up in the night to eat once or twice, if I’m good and lay him down in his own bed (but he’s so cute, warm and fun to snuggle with)!  He loves his daddy more than anyone else.  He will calm down almost immediately for Eric, even if he’s been crying at me for awhile.  He has a healthy fear of Sam since his older brother *loves* to snuggle him and wants to hold him all the time.  Sam’s not quite as gentle as he needs to be with a baby, but he’s learning.  Daniel is happiest to be carried around, and luckily is happy enough in the BabyBjorn (I don’t know what I would do without that wonderful contraption).  Mostly he’s just a chill content child, so long as we keep him fed, burped, changed and out of Sam’s reach he doesn’t want much more.  He loves any sort of attention, and I’m trying to remember to spend time just looking at him and talking to him because, while he doesn’t always demand that time he definitely loves it.

We’re so grateful to have this sweet, wonderful little boy in our family.   We love you Daniel!  Thanks for being part of our family!

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