Anniversary Celebrations

 - by Brittny

So I posted a few weeks ago that it was our 4 year anniversary, but I never really posted about what we did for that anniversary. We had agreed that we weren’t going to get each other gifts since we still need to put in our landscaping and get some other things in order around our house.  But that didn’t stop Eric from buying me these beautiful flowers –

Eric knows that every spring when the lilacs start to bloom I get super excited because I *love* the smell of lilacs.  Probably because I grew up in upstate New York and every spring they have a huge lilac festival, so whenever I smell lilacs it makes me think of spring. (Yes, the song My Heavenly Father Loves Me does speak to me ;)  So Eric had searched to try and find a bouquet with lilacs in them, which was difficult to find (I’d guess that lilacs aren’t really a bouquet kind of flower).  This was as close as he could find with the little purple flowers in them, but I was really touched that he would try, and that he was so thoughtful to notice something that I liked so much.  He’s a really sweet and wonderful man and I’m lucky to have him.  These flowers are so pretty, and even though they’re pretty much dead now (it’s a week and a half later), I haven’t let Eric throw them away yet.  There’s just something neat about having that reminder on our counter that Eric loves me, I don’t want to give it up yet.

I’d been debating what I ought to do for Eric.  I finally decided to make him a strawberry rhubarb pie – his very favorite dessert.

When I was engaged to Eric he told me this was his favorite dessert and my heart sorta sunk.  I’d never made a pie before in my life, and I knew that making a good pie is an art.  I remember that for his first birthday that I celebrated with him I searched high and low in Provo to find rhubarb (I had ZERO idea what rhubarb was) to no avail and ended up unable to make him a pie.  Our first year of marriage I finally found a place online that would let me buy frozen rhubarb and they would ship it to me… but I had to buy $35 worth of rhubarb to get it.  So I bit the bullet and bought 10 packages of rhubarb.  My first couple attempts at making the pie were… not amazing.  I went and had a pie making lesson with my grandma which helped me get some more of the basics down.  And then I discovered refrigerated pie crusts.  Best. Invention. Ever.  Suddenly making a pie went from an all day ordeal to still a most of the day ordeal, but a much less daunting task.  So I started making Eric a strawberry rhubarb pie for just about every occasion, so we could use up all those 10 packages of rhubarb.  After awhile I found we were throwing away about half the pie every time because it just wasn’t as exciting to Eric anymore.  So I’d been hesitant to make a pie again because I thought I might need to look elsewhere to come up with a good treat for Eric.  So I’d been debating whether or not to make him a pie for our anniversary this year.  I finally decided at about 4:30pm to make one, and I had it ready by the time Eric got home.  What once was an all day process is now no big deal, I whipped up the pie with Sam “helping” and Daniel in the BabyBjorn.  I even got cutesy and carved “I <3 U” on the top with little hearts around.  And I did it while making homemade tomato soup – something I wouldn’t have even considered attempting 4 years ago.  The next morning I got up and made my grandma’s potato salad (again something that used to be an all day ordeal) in a couple of hours in the morning with Sam & Daniel in tow.  I’m amazed at how domestic I’ve become in this short time.  Granted, I’ve got a long way to go, making bread still eludes and terrifies me (thank heavens for Rhodes frozen rolls), and I don’t dare make my own pie crust – but maybe in another 4 years I can tackle those as well :)

We spent our evening at home making homemade paninis – something we discovered on our honeymoon in Paris -eating the tomato soup, and hanging out with our boys.  We had intended to go on a date the weekend before, but my allergies had kicked in full force so we ended up just renting a movie and staying home.  We did go on a date (with Daniel) to Stake Conference that Saturday, and we went as a family to the ward campout on Friday night (no we weren’t crazy enough to stay the night – although we did consider it).  We’ll make it out one of these days, but we’re happy with what we’ve done.  It’s enough of a celebration to just be together each day.  Plus, we’re planning to save up our credit card points and take a cruise for our 5th anniversary so a smaller celebration this year makes a lot of sense.

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