Vampires, Peppers and Prayer

 - by Brittny

Sam up on the counter “helping” me make dinner

This is a story of a fairly typical evening making dinner with a two-year old.  However I have to give you some background before we start.

In the past few months we’ve transitioned Sam to sleeping on his own in his bed.  It’s gone relatively well but he still has difficulties in the middle of the night when he wakes up on his own and is a little scared.  I’ve been trying to teach him that if he wakes up and feels scared that he can pray and Heavenly Father will help comfort him.  Since we’ve found that he’s a little young to start and end a prayer all on his own I’ve taught him that he can just say “Heavenly Father, help me please!” and that counts as a prayer.  Sure, it’s not a full prayer that follows the right format, and it could be considered a vain repetition (I have some thoughts on vain repetitions that I’ve posted in my personal blog if you’re interested), but as one of my good friends says “Heavenly Father knows what’s up”.  I don’t think Heavenly Father is going to reject the prayer of a two-year old because he doesn’t have the full formalities of prayer down.  So I’ve been teaching him that but it hadn’t really seemed to sink in, at least he’s still been calling for us in the middle of the night instead of praying.  So, there’s the backstory.

Tonight I was fixing dinner with Sam.  I let him sit up on the counter while I was cutting up some vegetables for our meatloaf.  He “helped” by taking one of my anaheim chiles and ripping it into pieces and then giving most of the pieces back.  I knew that some of the chile had probably ended up on the counter but I decided I’d worry about that when we were all finished and could clean it all up at once.  A bit later I was fixing some cauliflower and Sam had found some crasins up on the counter to eat.  He’d dumped them all on the counter and was eating them a few at a time.  All of a sudden Sam screams and starts pulling at his tongue.  I’m not entirely sure but I assume that he got some chile instead of crasin and he did not enjoy that surprise!  So I got him a cup of milk and told him to drink it.  That seemed to remedy the problem and he was much happier.

After I finished preparing the cauliflower the oven beeped to let me know it was preheated.  I’d been working on putting away all of the spices and ingredients but still had a few left on the counter.  I put the meatloaf into the oven, and turned around to find Sam trying to open up some of the spices.  I took some of them away and then turned to put the cauliflower in the oven.  I couldn’t have been turned away from him for more than 10 seconds… but apparently that was enough time for him to open up our jar of garlic spread (NOT a small jar) and dump the majority of the jar into his cup of milk.  Dangit!  So of course we had garlic spread all over the counter, all over the floor and everywhere.  *sigh*  I IMed Eric and told him not to worry, we won’t have any infestations of vampires in our house for quite some time.

So I cleaned up the garlic spread, and the rest of the spices and moved his chair away from the counter.  Suddenly I realized that Sam was on an empty counter with nothing to get him into trouble… and he was stuck there!  I had stumbled upon a brilliant plan!  Keep Sam up on the counter and he can’t wreak havoc on the house (Sam’s fortunately too chicken to try jumping down from the counter just yet :) .  I was so pleased with this plan that I pulled out my phone to snap the picture at the top of this post so that I could post it to Facebook.

As I was working on posting the picture to Facebook Sam realized that he wasn’t quite as pleased with my plan as I was.  He started to ask me to get him down, but I kept trying to divert his attention.  After awhile he crouched down on the counter and I heard him say “Heavenly Father, help me please!” Aww, too cute! I guess my little lessons have been getting through after all.  And of course I couldn’t resist him any longer and he convinced me to take him off the counter.

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