Month: June 2011

Daniel’s 2 Month Check-up

 - by Brittny

Today was Daniel’s 2 month check-up so I have new growth stats for him!

Weight: 11lbs 11oz – 50th percentile
Height: 23.5in – 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.75in -50th percentile

If you remember from his last checkup that means he’s at the same percentiles for both weight and head circumference, but his genetics are catching up to him and he’s dropped from the 90th percentile for height to the 75th.  But all in all he’s growing well and looking good.  He really is a remarkably good baby and I feel so blessed that he has such a sweet and even temperament.

The tricky thing today was that we had shots for Sam and for Daniel… and Eric is in Atlanta on a business trip.  You might recall that after Sam’s 1 year check up I vowed never to do a checkup without Eric again.  But since this trip was planned at the last minute it wasn’t like there were a whole lot of options. I debated whether to do the checkup today and shots on another day when Eric could be there, but that would require hauling everyone down to Provo again (yes, I still need to find a more local doctor).  So I decided to suck it up and just get it over with while we were there.  I made sure to warn Sam what was happening and promise him some french fries and ice cream if he was good.  I held him on my lap and snuggled him while he got his one shot, and he did really well!  He was a little bit indignant afterwards, but he didn’t fight it or anything.  I was very proud of him.  Then we left the room while Daniel got his.  I felt bad leaving Daniel on his own, but he isn’t old enough yet to have attachment issues and I didn’t want Sam to see Daniel getting his shots and freak out over it.  Daniel was pretty sad after his shots (he had to get 3 today) but after a little bit of nursing he was happy again.  A quick stop at In ‘N Out and we were all happy and well fed.  Both of the boys fell asleep on the way home and I’m hoping for a good long nap out of Sam (Daniel is already awake) so that we can have a successful day together while Eric is gone.

Spiritual Sam

 - by Brittny


I had a hard time getting him to sit still for this picture, silly monkey

This was a conversation I had with Sam tonight while I was preparing dinner:

Sam: “Mommy! Fold your Arms!”

Me:”Ok, Sam”

Sam: “Dear Heavenly Father. We’re so grateful to be a family. We so grateful for mommy. We so grateful for daddy… can go to work. In the name, of Jesus, Christ, Amen.”

Me: “Amen”

Sam: “Alma forty-eight, And it came to pass…”

He’s been really into praying lately but I think that was the first time he made it through an entire prayer on his own without any prompting.  And I loved that after that he started “reading” scriptures.  We are reading through Alma right now, and Alma 48 does actually start with an “and it came to pass”.  We sure do love that little bug!

Daniel at 2 Months!

 - by Brittny

Daniel is 2 months old today!  The time goes by so fast.  I still think of him as just being a tiny newborn, but really he’s becoming a strong, adorable, fun baby.  I was able to snap this picture of him on Monday.  Thank goodness for the rapid shoot mode on our video camera or there’s no way I could have caught this.

I love that little smile!  Daniel is a very happy baby and super easy going.  It’s amazing how different he is from Sam.  He sleeps very well and only wakes up in the night to eat once or twice, if I’m good and lay him down in his own bed (but he’s so cute, warm and fun to snuggle with)!  He loves his daddy more than anyone else.  He will calm down almost immediately for Eric, even if he’s been crying at me for awhile.  He has a healthy fear of Sam since his older brother *loves* to snuggle him and wants to hold him all the time.  Sam’s not quite as gentle as he needs to be with a baby, but he’s learning.  Daniel is happiest to be carried around, and luckily is happy enough in the BabyBjorn (I don’t know what I would do without that wonderful contraption).  Mostly he’s just a chill content child, so long as we keep him fed, burped, changed and out of Sam’s reach he doesn’t want much more.  He loves any sort of attention, and I’m trying to remember to spend time just looking at him and talking to him because, while he doesn’t always demand that time he definitely loves it.

We’re so grateful to have this sweet, wonderful little boy in our family.   We love you Daniel!  Thanks for being part of our family!

When Life™ Gives You Apricots

 - by Brittny

My sister and I recently decided to start participating in Bountiful Baskets.  It’s a produce co-op where we pay $15 for a whole bunch of fresh produce.  It’s a great deal, and it’s been really fun for us.  I’ve really liked it because it forces me to include fresh fruits and vegetables into our meal plans (something I’m not great at naturally) and it saves us money, and it gives me a chance to try out some different fruits and vegetables.  Most weeks we end up getting at least one thing that I’ve never seen before or at least wouldn’t have purchased myself.  It gives me a good opportunity to try out new recipes and add some variety into what we eat.  For example, a few weeks ago we got a bunch of anaheim chiles.  For the next couple weeks we had anaheim chiles added into just about everything we ate – enchiladas, meatloaf, baked ziti etc.  While we were glad to get through all of those chiles and not have to keep having  them pop up in different things, it was a fun change of pace to our normal routine meals.  Another week we got a head of cauliflower, and Eric has been less than impressed with any presentation of cauliflower he’s come across in the past.  So I searched for a recipe with a different take on cauliflower and came up with this recipe for roasted garlic cauliflower.  My mom was a little bit skeptical about baking cauliflower like that because she’s never seen it done before.  However, Eric is now a fan of cauliflower, and we’ll definitely be making that in the future.  I call it Iron Chef: Bountiful Baskets because you’ll get these mystery ingredients that you have to plan your meals around.

Well, a couple weeks ago we got apricots, and I had no idea what to do with apricots.  So I went to my trusty to find some ideas.  I finally settled on making apricot chicken.  I found a recipe that called for doing it in the crock pot, which seemed like the way to go for me.  I had to start right after breakfast to give it enough time to cook (although I think I probably ought to have waited since our chicken ended up a little overcooked).  Since the recipes all called for apricot preserves and I had actual apricots I just threw my apricots in the blender with some honey and called it good.  Sam was up at the counter helping me peel and core all of the apricots.  He’d rearrange them, and hand one to me, then play with another one… he’s a great helper in the kitchen.  The chicken turned out relatively well and I sorta forgot about it until the next morning when I went to pour Sam a bowl of cereal. 

Apparently while I wasn’t looking Sam had decided to hide a couple of the apricots in the box of generic Life™ cereal that was still on the counter from breakfast.  What a kid.

Anniversary Celebrations

 - by Brittny

So I posted a few weeks ago that it was our 4 year anniversary, but I never really posted about what we did for that anniversary. We had agreed that we weren’t going to get each other gifts since we still need to put in our landscaping and get some other things in order around our house.  But that didn’t stop Eric from buying me these beautiful flowers –

Eric knows that every spring when the lilacs start to bloom I get super excited because I *love* the smell of lilacs.  Probably because I grew up in upstate New York and every spring they have a huge lilac festival, so whenever I smell lilacs it makes me think of spring. (Yes, the song My Heavenly Father Loves Me does speak to me ;)  So Eric had searched to try and find a bouquet with lilacs in them, which was difficult to find (I’d guess that lilacs aren’t really a bouquet kind of flower).  This was as close as he could find with the little purple flowers in them, but I was really touched that he would try, and that he was so thoughtful to notice something that I liked so much.  He’s a really sweet and wonderful man and I’m lucky to have him.  These flowers are so pretty, and even though they’re pretty much dead now (it’s a week and a half later), I haven’t let Eric throw them away yet.  There’s just something neat about having that reminder on our counter that Eric loves me, I don’t want to give it up yet.

I’d been debating what I ought to do for Eric.  I finally decided to make him a strawberry rhubarb pie – his very favorite dessert.

When I was engaged to Eric he told me this was his favorite dessert and my heart sorta sunk.  I’d never made a pie before in my life, and I knew that making a good pie is an art.  I remember that for his first birthday that I celebrated with him I searched high and low in Provo to find rhubarb (I had ZERO idea what rhubarb was) to no avail and ended up unable to make him a pie.  Our first year of marriage I finally found a place online that would let me buy frozen rhubarb and they would ship it to me… but I had to buy $35 worth of rhubarb to get it.  So I bit the bullet and bought 10 packages of rhubarb.  My first couple attempts at making the pie were… not amazing.  I went and had a pie making lesson with my grandma which helped me get some more of the basics down.  And then I discovered refrigerated pie crusts.  Best. Invention. Ever.  Suddenly making a pie went from an all day ordeal to still a most of the day ordeal, but a much less daunting task.  So I started making Eric a strawberry rhubarb pie for just about every occasion, so we could use up all those 10 packages of rhubarb.  After awhile I found we were throwing away about half the pie every time because it just wasn’t as exciting to Eric anymore.  So I’d been hesitant to make a pie again because I thought I might need to look elsewhere to come up with a good treat for Eric.  So I’d been debating whether or not to make him a pie for our anniversary this year.  I finally decided at about 4:30pm to make one, and I had it ready by the time Eric got home.  What once was an all day process is now no big deal, I whipped up the pie with Sam “helping” and Daniel in the BabyBjorn.  I even got cutesy and carved “I <3 U” on the top with little hearts around.  And I did it while making homemade tomato soup – something I wouldn’t have even considered attempting 4 years ago.  The next morning I got up and made my grandma’s potato salad (again something that used to be an all day ordeal) in a couple of hours in the morning with Sam & Daniel in tow.  I’m amazed at how domestic I’ve become in this short time.  Granted, I’ve got a long way to go, making bread still eludes and terrifies me (thank heavens for Rhodes frozen rolls), and I don’t dare make my own pie crust – but maybe in another 4 years I can tackle those as well :)

We spent our evening at home making homemade paninis – something we discovered on our honeymoon in Paris -eating the tomato soup, and hanging out with our boys.  We had intended to go on a date the weekend before, but my allergies had kicked in full force so we ended up just renting a movie and staying home.  We did go on a date (with Daniel) to Stake Conference that Saturday, and we went as a family to the ward campout on Friday night (no we weren’t crazy enough to stay the night – although we did consider it).  We’ll make it out one of these days, but we’re happy with what we’ve done.  It’s enough of a celebration to just be together each day.  Plus, we’re planning to save up our credit card points and take a cruise for our 5th anniversary so a smaller celebration this year makes a lot of sense.

Vampires, Peppers and Prayer

 - by Brittny

Sam up on the counter “helping” me make dinner

This is a story of a fairly typical evening making dinner with a two-year old.  However I have to give you some background before we start.

In the past few months we’ve transitioned Sam to sleeping on his own in his bed.  It’s gone relatively well but he still has difficulties in the middle of the night when he wakes up on his own and is a little scared.  I’ve been trying to teach him that if he wakes up and feels scared that he can pray and Heavenly Father will help comfort him.  Since we’ve found that he’s a little young to start and end a prayer all on his own I’ve taught him that he can just say “Heavenly Father, help me please!” and that counts as a prayer.  Sure, it’s not a full prayer that follows the right format, and it could be considered a vain repetition (I have some thoughts on vain repetitions that I’ve posted in my personal blog if you’re interested), but as one of my good friends says “Heavenly Father knows what’s up”.  I don’t think Heavenly Father is going to reject the prayer of a two-year old because he doesn’t have the full formalities of prayer down.  So I’ve been teaching him that but it hadn’t really seemed to sink in, at least he’s still been calling for us in the middle of the night instead of praying.  So, there’s the backstory.

Tonight I was fixing dinner with Sam.  I let him sit up on the counter while I was cutting up some vegetables for our meatloaf.  He “helped” by taking one of my anaheim chiles and ripping it into pieces and then giving most of the pieces back.  I knew that some of the chile had probably ended up on the counter but I decided I’d worry about that when we were all finished and could clean it all up at once.  A bit later I was fixing some cauliflower and Sam had found some crasins up on the counter to eat.  He’d dumped them all on the counter and was eating them a few at a time.  All of a sudden Sam screams and starts pulling at his tongue.  I’m not entirely sure but I assume that he got some chile instead of crasin and he did not enjoy that surprise!  So I got him a cup of milk and told him to drink it.  That seemed to remedy the problem and he was much happier.

After I finished preparing the cauliflower the oven beeped to let me know it was preheated.  I’d been working on putting away all of the spices and ingredients but still had a few left on the counter.  I put the meatloaf into the oven, and turned around to find Sam trying to open up some of the spices.  I took some of them away and then turned to put the cauliflower in the oven.  I couldn’t have been turned away from him for more than 10 seconds… but apparently that was enough time for him to open up our jar of garlic spread (NOT a small jar) and dump the majority of the jar into his cup of milk.  Dangit!  So of course we had garlic spread all over the counter, all over the floor and everywhere.  *sigh*  I IMed Eric and told him not to worry, we won’t have any infestations of vampires in our house for quite some time.

So I cleaned up the garlic spread, and the rest of the spices and moved his chair away from the counter.  Suddenly I realized that Sam was on an empty counter with nothing to get him into trouble… and he was stuck there!  I had stumbled upon a brilliant plan!  Keep Sam up on the counter and he can’t wreak havoc on the house (Sam’s fortunately too chicken to try jumping down from the counter just yet :) .  I was so pleased with this plan that I pulled out my phone to snap the picture at the top of this post so that I could post it to Facebook.

As I was working on posting the picture to Facebook Sam realized that he wasn’t quite as pleased with my plan as I was.  He started to ask me to get him down, but I kept trying to divert his attention.  After awhile he crouched down on the counter and I heard him say “Heavenly Father, help me please!” Aww, too cute! I guess my little lessons have been getting through after all.  And of course I couldn’t resist him any longer and he convinced me to take him off the counter.

Four Years

 - by Brittny

Four years ago today Eric and I were married in the Los Angeles Temple.

Our Wedding Day - 02 June 2007

Since then we’ve both graduated.

My Graduation - April 2008


Eric's Graduation - August 2009

We’ve both gotten jobs.

Axis41 – The company Brittny’s worked for since July 2007
Omniture, now Adobe – where Eric’s worked since January 2008

We’ve had our first baby.

Samuel Eric Hansen - born 04 March 2009

And now our second.

Daniel Curtis Hansen – born 15 April 2011

We’ve moved six different times, and finally decided to settle down in the one place we’d both agreed we didn’t want to end up.

Our house! Completed December 2010

So much has happened, but at the same time I still can’t believe that four whole years have gone by. Eric, I love you even more today than I did the day I married you.  I feel so incredibly lucky to be on this wonderful adventure of life with you.  Thank you for all the “adbentures” we’ve had so far and for the many more to come! (although, hopefully not so many in such a short time again)  I love you!