Conversations with Sam

 - by Brittny

I was trying to get Sam to take a nap this afternoon and came back into his room and was holding his hand to try and comfort him while he fell asleep.  The following conversation ensued –

“Mama, your hands are cold!”

“Yes Sam, that happens sometimes”

“Mama, your balls are cold too!”

I had a very hard time responding to that comment with a straight face.  I should note that Sam calls the knuckles that join your fingers to the rest of your hand “balls”, so his comment was in no way, shape or form intended to be crude.  However, even knowing that it was hard to continue in that conversation.

On a completely different note, last night we had a Family Home Evening lesson where we talked about being children of God.  We explained to Sam that Sam was a child of God, and so was Daddy, and Mommy, and Baby Daniel.  Then we explained to him that we recently had something very special happen in our family – we had a new baby!  We told him that Baby Daniel had been living with Heavenly Father before he came here.  Sam was so excited about this that he got off his chair, ran across the room to where Daniel was and started saying “Daniel! You were with Heavenly Father!”  It was really sweet to see his excitement to teach his baby brother this important truth.  We are so grateful to have both of these sweet little boys in our home.

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