Stats for our Two Twos

 - by Brittny

I don’t have time to write a really long post, but we went in a few weeks ago for Sam’s 2 year checkup and Daniel’s 2 week checkup. I wanted to post their growth statistics quickly before I threw away the little papers they gave us with the numbers on them. Note: I’ve back dated this post to the day of their checkups, but know if you’re reading this at the time that I actually posted this, our 6 week old Daniel is much bigger than his two week stats.

Weight – 8lbs 15oz – 50th percentile
Length – 22in – 90th percentile
Head Circumference – 37cm – 50th percentile

Weight – 25lbs 8oz – 20th percentile
Length – 32 in – 7th percentile
Head Circumference – 51cm – 95th percentile

Just from looking at those statistics you can see why I had an easier time birthing Daniel than Sam! Sam has a HUGE noggin especially compared to the rest of him. Daniel on the other hand is a long string bean. Don’t worry kid, your genetics will catch up to you too and you’ll be short with the rest of us! We were most proud of the weight he had gained. He was 7lbs 9oz at birth and had dropped to 7lbs even by the time we left the hospital. So he’d gained nearly 2 full pounds since leaving the hospital! That would be consistent with his eating habits, he loves to eat ALL the time. Not only does he eat frequently, but when he’s eating he chows down. The day after coming home from the hospital Eric fed him a 2oz bottle and he drained it in less than 5 minutes! We’re so glad to see both of our boys growing well :)

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