Some Funny Sam Sayings

 - by Eric

This may be a cop-out post, but I really wanted to make sure I recorded these funny Sam sayings for posterity. Besides, I figured you’d enjoy them, too:

Calling out for a parent:

  • Hey Hon?!
  • Air-ick? AIIIR-ick!
  • PING!

Things Sam Prays for:

  • Thank you for Sam…
  • Thank you for Mom, and for Underwear…and for Dad.
  • Thank you for TayTay, thank you for headphones, thank you for hot dogs

Talking with family on the phone/Skype:

  • (troubleshooting our connection) Hear us? Hear us?
  • Grandpa have mole!

Reading Scriptures:

  • Parent: “Sam, what do the scriptures say?” Sam: “It came to pass, God, God, God. Amen.”
  • (after we finish reading a chapter) More chapters?

Playing with/talking on the cellphone:

  • Play Angry Birds! Play Fruit Ninja!
  • (talking to imaginary person) “Hello? This is Brittny. ‘Kay, love you. Bye”

Taking a shower:

  • LOO-FAH!
  • Pop a mole!

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