State of the House Address 2011

 - by Eric

My fellow blog-o-sphere readers,

Tonight we come together to reflect on the current state of our house: where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re going. In terms of housing arrangements, it’s been a dynamic three years of marriage, with the Hansen family living in six different places. But I am here tonight to tell you that the uncertainty is gone. We came, we saw, and we conquered the last plot of land in one of the best communities in Utah!

Okay, all jokes and references to the State of the Union aside, Brittny and I recently recommitted ourselves to making more regular blog posts. Especially when you consider that we are finally starting to settle into our new accommodations, we really don’t have an excuse anymore. Tonight, we thought we’d give an update on the house and then the family’s happenings.

First up, our house is finally starting to look more like a home! When we first moved in, we only addressed bare necessities of our situation: a place to sleep, food to eat, and of course the entertainment center. That left us with a ton of unopened and unpacked boxes laying around the house, no real office spaces for us to work in, and not even blinds or coverings placed in our windows. Fortunately, we were able to methodically go through all of the boxes in just a couple of weeks after moving in, and now a little over a month after moving in, we have almost everything in place. We still need to find places for most of our decorations, but I’m relying on my sister Julie’s aptitude in the interior decorating arena to figure that one out. On to the pictures! (I’ll let Brittny take over from here)

Eric was able to take this panorama shot with his Droid X, cool huh?


One of the first items of business was to get some furniture for our new home. I sent Eric to the RC Willey scratch and dent store to see if he could find some things for us. We came up with a list of the items that we really needed, as well as some other things that would be great to get at some point, but we would only get if he found them on a super sale. One of the first items on his list was a dresser for our room. He found this whole bedroom set (which was awesome since we only had a box spring for our mattress). He got an epic deal on the set. To give you an idea, the dresser alone had a retail price of $1450, and all together the set (dresser, mirror, nightstand, bed) would have cost $3650. He got the whole set for $800, and got them to give us another box spring so that we could use our old one to get Sam’s mattress off the floor. Major score!

The other item we really needed a new rocking chair as Sam had grown accustomed to being rocked to sleep while we were at Mom & Dad Hansen’s house. We had given our old one away during our last move as it was falling apart and we didn’t want to bother storing something that was broken. We also knew that at some point we’d like to get some new couches that would look nicer together than the free ones we’d picked up during college, but knew that was probably a little ways down the line. We discussed that what we’d really like would be to find something microfiber and in a green that matched the Chinese scrolls that Eric had given me for our wedding.

Sorry, I'm not the photographer Eric is

Of course, we knew he was heading to the outlet store, so the chances of him finding something exactly like what we were looking for were pretty slim. We were going to just be happy with whatever he came up with that generally fit in our house and our budget.  This is what he came up with –

Nailed it!

Wow! Who would have thought they would have had *exactly* what we were looking for at the outlet store?! The green in the couches matches that artwork pretty perfectly and more importantly, the couches and recliner are SO comfortable. Every time we sit in them we tell each other – “yeah, these were a good investment”. Oh, and did I mention, they recline? That was on Eric’s wishlist for the couches that he really didn’t think he’d be able to find, especially with our other stipulations (and the main one being budget). I forgot to save the price tags from the couches so I could total our savings, but let’s just say he did an awesome job. We were able to pay cash for all the furniture up front, but we decided to finance it because they offered interest free financing for 18 months, and it’s nice to have that money in our bank earning interest in the meantime.

Our other major purchase for our new house was our washer/dryer. We actually bought them back in November during a Black Friday sale at Sears. By going at 4am to Sears Eric was able to save us over $1000 on the set, and rightfully earned himself a pass to sleep all day on Black Friday. For those of you who care, I’m pretty sure this is the washer and this is the dryer. For those of you who don’t care I’ll just let you know that they both have steam, and I love them :) Thanks to Mom & Dad Hansen for my birthday/our Christmas money that helped to buy them and to Eric for the rest of the money to buy them, plus waiting out in the freezing cold at the crack of dawn to get them.

Our laundry room!

I don’t think there’s really a good way to get a front shot of the washer and dryer, but this gives you a good idea of the room.  I was excited that there was some shelving in the laundry room, although (as my mom so kindly pointed out)… I can’t reach the shelf.  One of these days I’ll probably get some plastic shelving to keep the laundry soap and stuff on.  However, it’s really nice having a front loading washer and dryer so I can keep things on top in the meantime (although, with liquid laundry soap that means that as the washing machine vibrates we end up with more and more laundry soap on top of the washing machine…)

Since this post is already reaching novel length and that concludes all of our major purchases and it’s time for me to stop blogging and pay attention to Sam, I think I’ll post this segment with promises to continue the tour of our home in the next post.

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