Month: February 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011

 - by Brittny

Eric and I vary on how committed we are to Valentine’s Day each year.  On the one hand it’s always nice to have an excuse to spoil the other person, but on the other hand it’s more meaningful to do the same things on any other day of the year.   This year we decided to celebrate at home over several days rather than having one single “date”.  Especially since Valentine’s day fell on a Monday we sorta made a Valentine’s weekend rather than just a Valentine’s Day.  On Friday night I spent that evening doing something extremely romantic… filing our taxes :P  While I’m of course kidding about it being romantic, it was really good to get that all finished and out of the way.  Since our baby is due on tax day I wanted to get our taxes done well in advance so it didn’t slip through the cracks.  And it was definitely nice getting our refund back early :)

Saturday we went to a ward activity as a family and did some chores.  That night we put Sam to bed and got to watch a movie together.  We hadn’t yet seen Eclipse so we’d rented that so we could see how it compared to the book and the other two movies.  At least from my perspective I think the movies have gotten much better as they’ve gone along.  I like the books a lot better, but books are always better than movies so that’s not really saying much.  As simple of a date as that was we somehow don’t get around to doing things like that very often and it was just nice to spend some time together enjoying a movie on our own.

Sunday we went to church, and after church we were all gearing up to take a nice afternoon nap.  Unfortunately at lunchtime Eric let Sam have some of his Sobe, which didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time.  However, what Eric didn’t realize was that his Sobe contained guarana… and therefore caffeine.  There was no way our little jumping bean was going down for a nap after that :P  So since we were having some gorgeous weather we decided to go out and take a walk around our neighborhood as a family.  It was really fun to be able to go out and meet some of our neighbors who were also enjoying the beautiful weather.  We have a very friendly neighborhood (which was one of our main draws to moving in here) and we’re really excited for when the weather gets nice permanently so we can really get out and get to know the people around us better.

Monday was actually Valentine’s day.  We didn’t really want to have to fight the crowds to go out on Valentine’s Day so we opted instead for a stay-at-home date.  I woke up early and stole the car so that Sam and I could run to the grocery store to pick up ingredients before Eric had to go to work.  I spent most of the day cleaning the house and getting food prepared for that meal. Part way through the day these arrived on our doorstep:

I meant to take a picture of my actual flowers, but I was waiting for them to bloom completely and when they did I forgot to get a picture... oops.

Seriously, who doesn’t like getting beautiful flowers, especially on Valentine’s day?  I was excited for them for sure, and it was fun to have pretty colors on our counter.  I know flowers are kinda silly because they just die within a week or so, but they’re so pretty, and they made me feel really special so oh well :)  For dinner that night I made creamy shrimp pasta, salad, french bread (ok so I just picked up the french bread at the store), and sparkling cider.  I also had everything ready so we could make crepes for dessert.  Eric got home sorta late that night, but he had warned me that would be the case so I had eaten a little bit later.  When he got home Sam was really excited to show off what he had made for his dad that day –

He ran to the door when he heard Eric get home and was carrying his Valentine.  He was so excited, “Daddy!  Here’s your valentine!”  I hadn’t realized that Sam would understand the concept of a valentine but I’d forgotten that in one of his books the word for V is Valentine, so he’s been thinking about them for awhile.  I let him use the stickers, and of course all of them are in one spot just layered on top of each other.  I tried to suggest that he put some of his stickers on the other half of the card and he’d consider it… almost stick it down on the other side… then put it with the others.  I guess he was worried that the stickers would get lonely if he spread them out :P  You can’t really see his little bit of drawing on the card, but the message is what he dictated for his card.  I helped him get started with the “Dear Daddy, Happy Valentine!” but the rest was all him.  If you can’t read it here’s what it says, “Dear Daddy, Happy Valentine! This is a Valentine for Daddy!  It’s so cool. Daddy Valentine. I love you too. Love, Sam Eric Hansen”  I really liked that he wanted it to say I love you too, because he thinks that’s sorta the finishing part of that phrase that sometimes we accidentally leave off :P  Also, Sam can spell his name and Eric’s, and he LOVES to spell them and have someone write them for him.  That’s why the card says “Sam Eric Hansen”.  I thought it was super cute watching him make that card and give it to his dad.

Once Sam had finished presenting his valentine we got all dressed up like we were going out (i.e. Eric put on a suit, I put on a dress, we looked fancy :)  and then came downstairs and ate dinner with Sam in his high chair.  It might not sound super romantic, but it was fun.  I’d set the table with our china and our nice tablecloth and for the first time since we got married we were in a place where we were actually allowed to light candles, so we enjoyed getting to have candles on the table (even though they didn’t really provide enough light for us to eat by). Sadly we were too full to actually make the crepes so we decided to hang on to the batter for another time. Afterwards Sam really wanted to take a walk (he’d really enjoyed our walk the day before), so even though it was late and dark and cold… we took a walk around our block.  Then it was off to bed for Sam and we followed his example not long afterwards.  I think not getting the nap we were hoping for on Sunday made us all a little tired so going to bed early was actually an exciting part our celebration.

Eric had found a few other things he wanted to get me for Valentine’s Day, which made me feel super lame that I had only gotten him some clothes and made him a fun meal.  But it was still exciting when these came in the mail later that week –

A companion cube!

So, I realize most of you won’t know what this is.  It’s an item that is found in a computer game that Eric played called Portal.  It’s basically *the* item that helps you get through the entire game and it’s called a companion cube because in the game it’s considered to be your most important (and only) friend.  It’s really hard to explain if you’ve never seen the game.  Anyways, I enjoyed watching Eric play that game almost as much as he enjoyed playing it so when he found this he thought of me and got me my own companion cube!  Nerdy, but sweet and I really enjoy it.  Especially as Eric is getting ready to go on some business trips and such it seems especially appropriate to have my own little companion cube  while he’s gone.

Ok, so this might even be less recognizable than the companion cube, but this was actually a very practical gift, it’s a hand warmer.  When you pop the little metal disk inside it heats up the gel and you have something to warm your hands for a little bit.  The really cool part of it is that after you use it and it has cooled down you can boil it in water for 15 minutes and it re-sets it (for lack of a better term) so that you can use it again later!  I tend to get very cold hands so this was a very thoughtful gift from Eric.  Thanks love!  I’m so grateful to have you as my valentine :)

State of the House Address 2011

 - by Eric

My fellow blog-o-sphere readers,

Tonight we come together to reflect on the current state of our house: where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re going. In terms of housing arrangements, it’s been a dynamic three years of marriage, with the Hansen family living in six different places. But I am here tonight to tell you that the uncertainty is gone. We came, we saw, and we conquered the last plot of land in one of the best communities in Utah!

Okay, all jokes and references to the State of the Union aside, Brittny and I recently recommitted ourselves to making more regular blog posts. Especially when you consider that we are finally starting to settle into our new accommodations, we really don’t have an excuse anymore. Tonight, we thought we’d give an update on the house and then the family’s happenings. Read this article »

Children’s iPad App

 - by Brittny

Monkey & Croc Children's Story iPad App

I know I need to write a real post about our whole moving in with pictures of the new house in action, but I still haven’t gotten all of our pictures hung up yet so I don’t feel like the house is quite ready for its photo debut.  However, I wanted to share something with anyone that follows our blog who is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad kind of a person.  My brother and sister-in-law put together a cool app that you should definitely check out.  It’s a children’s storybook that takes advantage of all the features that platform has to offer – sound effects, read aloud and high quality illustrations!   Julie is a professional illustrator and Rhett has worked for many years in the computer industry, so between the two of them they had all the right expertise to put together a stellar application.  The app is only $1.99 and is something you and your kids are sure to enjoy.  You can get more information here – .  While we’re not Apple people ourselves we’d love to see this do well so that they can bring the app over to the Android market too!