California Trip!

 - by Brittny

I know, I know I still owe posts about Christmas and our new house.  But I was just cleaning off the pictures from my phone and wanted to get these pictures posted while I still remembered what they were.  I promise pictures of the new house will be coming soon!

A couple weeks ago Eric was getting ready to go on a business trip to Los Angeles.  I was of course jealous because he’d get to go see my family while he was there while I’d be stuck in the snow by myself.  So on Sunday before he left we were Skyping with my family and my parents offered to use some of their frequent flier miles to fly Sam and I up with Eric for the week!  We didn’t really have a good reason not to, so we booked the tickets on Monday and we flew out Tuesday night.

It was so fun to get to spend some time with my family that week.  We didn’t really do anything earth-shatteringly awesome, but it was fun spending time with them. I think it was an especially nice break for me.  This pregnancy has been more rough on my body than Sam’s was.  I think mainly because it takes a LOT more energy, time and strength to be a mom of a toddler than it did to work 40 hours a week – commute and housework included!  With our move I’d pushed myself a little too far with running things up and downstairs and lifting things I shouldn’t have and I’d developed what I think were shin splints.  At any rate I was having a very difficult time getting down to the floor without serious pain in my shins.  Just having a week where I couldn’t do anymore unpacking and there were many anxious hands to help care for Sam got me back to ready to face the rest of settling into our house. (I feel like this sounds bratty and spoiled, but I definitely feel like I was spoiled for a week so I guess that’s ok).

Our trip wasn’t full of lots of exciting activities, mostly attending high school basketball games, swimming, being outdoors and playing a lot of Dominion.  But it was fun spending the time with family.  I think the most interesting thing to see was just the change in Sam from when were in California a year ago and now.  When we were out last year Sam would hardly have anything to do with most of my family.  He is a very clingy child and has had a lot of separation anxiety.  But now he quite happily will tag along with any of my brothers or my parents and is very excited to see them.

As you can see we didn’t even make it out of our pajamas a good portion of the time.  This is Sam with his Uncle Cody playing at a common area at the end of my parents street.  I don’t think Sam much minded that they were still in their PJs, he was just stoked that Cody was paying attention to him and that he was playing outside.

On Monday before we left we went to the beach.  Not surprisingly, Sam *loved* it!

Sam leading Cody around at the beach

Sam stole my mom’s Australian hat and was having fun digging in the sand with a huge shovel :)

A better look at Sam in my mom’s hat.  I love this shirt, it says “I do all my own stunts” which I think is brilliant for a toddler.  He most certainly does a lot of stunts, and they are all his own.  I was really excited when I found this shirt in a bag of hand-me-downs and had a hard time waiting until he was old enough to wear it!

Sam also got to boogie board down the sand dune.  He’d lay on the boogie board and Cody would pull him up and down the sand dune.  Sam thought that was pretty darn cool, as you can tell from the smile on his face (sorry these weren’t the best pictures, it was really bright that day and the only camera I had was my phone.  I couldn’t see the screen because it was so bright so I just had to aim my phone in the direction of what I wanted a picture of and hope that it turned out ok).

After the beach we headed home to get packed up to go back to Utah.  After getting all packed up and through rush hour traffic, we discovered that our flight had been delayed by two hours.  So we called my parents and they took us over to the LA temple to go walk around for a little bit.  Sam *loves* the temple, but my mom didn’t believe me that he’d probably recognize it when we drove up to it (since he’s never been to the LA temple before).  Sure enough, as we pulled around and showed him the building he said “temple!”  It was fun walking around the grounds and the visitor’s center with him.  I got one picture that I thought was priceless –

When we finally got home it was super late and we had early morning dentist appointments the next day.  Tuesday was somewhat of a blur.  You can tell though that even by Wednesday Sam was in denial that we were in Utah (where it was snowing outside) and no longer in sunny California…

Sorry dude, board shorts and a t-shirt won’t exactly cut it in Utah in December.  Thanks again to my family for bringing us out and letting us play for a week!  It was a great break from unpacking and we had SO much fun seeing everyone and enjoying the sunshine for awhile :)

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