One of the last house updates before it’s done!

 - by Eric

Well, there isn’t much in the way of external changes to our house that we need to report on, but on the inside we could see some huge progress. Unfortunately, the house is locked and no one was in the office to let us in, so all we can show you are shots from the outside.

The view from front

So the most obvious addition from this shot is the garage door, and if you squint, you might also notice the coach lights installed to each side of the door. The landscaping won’t be done until the Spring for obvious reasons, so for now, the exterior is pretty much finished.

View from the back

In the back, you can see a small concrete porch has been poured and steps installed leading up to the sliding glass door. If you look in the top left window, you’ll notice a light is on inside, and it’s true, we have electricity now! From our peeks in the windows, all of the lighting fixtures have been installed along with outlets and other details. Even some of the laminate wood flooring has been put in. It’s hard to believe that a week from Thursday we will have our final walkthrough!

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