"Hey Honey, that looks like a pretty house, can we live there?"

 - by Brittny

In a word… yes we can! When we drove around the corner to see our house today I hardly recognized it, in a good way. All the scaffolding was down and it looked a lot more like a house and less like a construction project! All of the stucco is painted and the masonry is up. It looks beautiful and it’s really exciting to see the house start to get into the final stages of construction. In just a little over 3 weeks we should be living inside that house and we can hardly wait!

The exterior, now in color!
Our kitchen, all of the cabinets are in, although the doors aren’t on yet and they’re covered in plastic, but you get an idea for the kitchen
We had to try and keep Sam from touching things because they had been painting and we didn’t want him getting paint on his Sunday clothes… or anywhere in the house it didn’t belong.
Our family room, the double beam in the middle of the floor is our handrail that will go up the stairs.  They’d been painted and were drying there. The doors were all drying downstairs
Sam giving you a tour of our formal living room/study area (depending on how we end up using the space)
Our laundry room.  I didn’t know we were getting shelving space in there, so I was pretty excited about that.
The kids bathroom, with the tub all covered in plastic wrap so it didn’t get painted on.
Our master bedroom.

It’s amazing how much difference just having the walls painted makes. It suddenly looks a lot more like a home. I thought it was kind of weird though that it looks like they painted the walls in their final color, and then painted the trim in such a way that they’ll have to repaint the main walls again. But Eric pointed out that it means we’ll have more layers of paint which will be a higher quality paint job in the end. It was exciting to see the cabinets put in, even if they aren’t all finished. It really makes everything take shape a lot more, and I’m really happy with the color of them actually to scale. I know you can’t see the color of the cabinets too well through the plastic sheeting, but it turned out nice. We’re excited to see even more progress when we go by next week!

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