A Few Weeks of House Progress

 - by Brittny

While we were up in Millville for Thanksgiving my grandpa called us out for not having updated about our house recently.  Oops!  We’d gone up to have our mid-construction walk through a couple weeks ago but then things got busy.  Eric left on a business trip to NYC that night (with all the pictures we’d taken on his phone) and then it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving.  So, here’s a couple weeks of progress –

Week 1 – 

The front of our house
The back of our house

Week 2 –  

The stucco is on, but not yet painted
The kitchen area, now with drywall!
Our living room
The upstairs loft area
This picture doesn’t really show you the best view out our front windows, but we’ll get that one of these days.
The master bathtub!

All of the drywall is in and our windows, doors and bathtubs as well.  It really does a lot to make it look like a house rather than just a construction project.  When we were up on Saturday they were texturizing the walls and ceiling so we think that means they’ll be painting in the next few days.  We didn’t get any pictures this week because we were giving a tour of the house to my family and didn’t want to get in the way of the men working on our house.  The outside is all stuccoed but it hasn’t been painted to its final color yet and the rocks haven’t been put on yet.  I can’t remember what they’d said about when that part would happen but I’d think they’d want to get that done before it gets too cold.

The most exciting part is – we have a closing date!  We have our final walk through of the home on December 23rd and closing on December 29th.  We were hoping to get in before Christmas so that we could do all of our moving in while Eric has his winter break, but we’re just glad to get in before the end of the year.  We got a really great deal on our financing that will expire at the end of the year so we would have been really sad to lose that.

I think what’s left now is painting, cabinets, sinks/toilets, electrical outlets (all the wiring is done, just putting the front plates on), lighting fixtures, appliances, and flooring.  It seems like a lot, but at the same time it seems like as soon as the painting is done the rest of it can just kinda flow right in.  I’m super excited to see what things look like when we go up again on Sunday.  I feel like there’s likely to be some pretty major progress towards making it look even more like a home.

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