A Roof Over our Heads

 - by Brittny

We were really excited on Sunday to see the progress that had been made on our home so far.  We were concerned though that things were going to come to a standstill this week as the forecast called for snow.  Since our community is up in the mountains we knew that if there was going to be snow anywhere in the area it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will be up at our house. The construction superintendent had told us that the part of construction most prone to delays is everything that happens up until the roof goes on.  Once the roof is on then the weather won’t stop the rest of the construction from being completed.  So we were really anxious knowing that our roof was the next step, and that it’s a vital one.

Monday was supposed to be the last clear day before the storm hit so we crossed our fingers and said some prayers that they could get the roof on before the storm came in. Then we watched as it rained/snowed all day Tuesday, then was sorta clear on Wednesday.  Usually we check the progress on our house every Sunday on our way home from church (we’re currently attending the ward that our house is in, not where we live), but by Thursday the suspense was killing us.  Eric was working from home that morning so, even though it’s 20 minutes each way to get to our house from where we’re living, I had to go check it out.  While Sam and I were out running some errands we drove up to our build site and this is what we found…

We have a roof!!  Granted it looked like they were just putting on the tar paper and getting ready to put the shingles on, so it’s not a completed roof, but I think it should be enough to keep construction rolling from here on out.  That means that pretty soon we should be able to do a walk through of this stage of construction with the superintendent and then they’ll be able to finalize the construction schedule from here until closing!  We’re still hoping to be in before Christmas, but we’ll be happy just to have a solid date to look forward to. 

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