Whoa, that was fast!

 - by Eric

Hello again for another weekly installment of HOUSE, the blog. No, this isn’t about the television series, it’s about the actual house we’re building. So in just one week’s time, we’ve gone from seeing the foundation poking out of the ground to this:

Brittny and Sam pose where our driveway will be

Sam is usually asleep when we make our weekly drive-by, but this week he was actually awake! He ran around on the sidewalk, played in the dirt, and met our soon-to-be neighbors and their pets. He was loving it, and I think that’s a pretty good sign that we made the right choice. Anyway, more pictures!


You can see the pantry has already been framed, but that’s about it so far.

Living Room

The stairs are there and in, although there are some weird crossbeams in the way. I hope those aren’t there when we move in!

Master bedroom and bathroom

Front entrance and office on the side

View from the back

So yeah! Exciting stuff. Weather forecast is calling for rain and maybe some snow this week, unfortunately. We’re hoping and praying that the construction crew can get the roof on before then. You guys rock! 加油!

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