Floor Plans and House Colors

 - by Brittny

So I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile anyways, but since one of my friends finally made a specific request for our floor plan I finally got on the ball to put this post together. So, in case you too were wondering what our floor plan looks like so you can plan a heist into our house now you’ll be all set!

Downstairs floor plan

Upstairs floor plan

I tried to edit the floor plan as best I could to reflect the actual options we had selected. There were a couple changes that we would have liked to have made, but unfortunately if we had made those changes the builder would have been required to re-submit our permit before they started to dig the foundation and it could have delayed the build process by several weeks. Not such a big deal ordinarily, but it would have meant that we would have lost the financing deal that we were getting as the house wouldn’t be completed by the end of the year. Since they weren’t deal breakers, we decided to forego them. We just would have liked to have put doors on that front living room so that we could use it as a study. We also would have liked to have had a double vanity on the kids bathroom upstairs which would have also separated the toilet/bathtub area from the sinks. But we decided we’d build a bigger bathroom in the basement when we have teenagers that we need to finish off the basement for :P

Also, here’s a picture of the color selections we made for our flooring, cabinets, countertops etc. –

So starting in the top left is obviously our cabinets, next to it is the countertops in our kitchen. The wood you see just below that is the laminate flooring we will have in our entryway and kitchen. The carpet sample you see to the left will be in all of our living areas (all of the upstairs, living room and family room). We upgraded the carpet a little bit because Sam likes laying on the floor and stroking the carpet. We figured we might as well have nice carpet for him to lounge on. But after we went home and were considering different costs we had second thoughts about whether we should go back to the standard carpet to lower our costs. So on our second appointment when I was dropping some things out and leaving other things in, we got to the carpet and Sam was sitting next to me, stroking the carpet and saying “puppy! puppy!” (i.e. this is soft like a puppy!)… I didn’t have the heart to downgrade the carpet after that, so we kept the nicer carpet :P The tile on top is what our countertops in the bathroom will be and the bottom tile is the vinyl floor that we’re putting in the bathrooms.

I’m really excited about the choices we made. At first no one liked the granite that I had chosen and I really thought twice about it. In fact I’d just about been talked into choosing a completely different granite when I went into the design center I looked at the granite that everyone else liked, and I hated it. I really liked this one much better. So you’re welcome to hate on just about anything you like… but I’m probably at least not going to change my mind on the granite :P I’m really excited to see how these all look when they’re put together in our house. I think that I really like everything we chose, but I have a hard time envisioning how it will look in large scale. Thanks so much to Claudia at the design center for all of her help picking things out!

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