Our Hole

 - by Brittny

We went and visited the site of our new home last week and got some pictures of the hole that will become our house.  Hopefully, when we go to visit tomorrow the foundation will be poured (especially since it’s supposed to snow next week!)  But for now here’s a quick view of what our house looks like so far –

The front view, you can see what our neighbors homes look like, we have a picture of the colors that the front of our house will be too, but I’ll have to find that picture and post it another time.

Looking from the back of our lot past the hole and down the street.  You can see the huge mounds of dirt that they dug up to get our foundation in. 

Another angle from the back

Looking into the hole and towards our neighbor’s backyard.  You can tell from this picture that they had to dig through some solid rock to dig out our foundation.  I’m sure it was a pain for them, but we will sleep soundly at night knowing that when the rains come tumbling down and the floods come up our house is built upon a rock :)

Along the side of the hole, you can see the fence they have that marks our property line, but don’t worry, there will be a little more space since they’ll fill in a few feet on the side of the foundation after the concrete has been poured inside.

Hey look! That’s going to be our basement!  It’s crazy to see just how deep that hole is, we were glad that Sam was happily asleep in the car while Eric took these pictures.
I know they’re not the most exciting pictures for most people, but we’re pretty excited to see progress being made.  I think it’s going to be cool to see how we go from a blank lot to our own house!

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