Sick Week

 - by Eric

Warning : This post is somewhat descriptive and thus is not for the weak of stomach.

Well, that was interesting. For those of you who might have missed the Facebook and Twitter updates, everyone in our entire family had a bout with a nasty stomach flu bug this past week.

It all started on Monday when we noticed that Sam was acting unusually docile and lethargic as opposed to his normally chatty, active self. All of a sudden, he started puking everything contained in his system, and I mean everything. What didn’t come up went out the other end quite forcefully. We felt really bad for the poor little guy. He was so miserable and started developing a fever. As soon as we felt he could actually keep it down, we gave him some Tylenol to tackle the fever without upsetting his stomach. After that, he would mostly just cuddle with us and lay there, inactive.

Brittny took the night shift and helped little Sam get through the night, but I really started to worry the next morning when I woke up to Brittny looking miserable in the bathroom. She asked if I could watch Sam for a little while, but that little while turned into the entire day as Brittny experienced the exact same symptoms as our son. So Tuesday was spent caring for my wife and child, which I was of course willing to do, but at the same time it carried a sense of dread. Here I was, noticing a highly contagious and fairly fast-acting flu bug starting to run it’s course through the family. And since I needed to take care of them, I knew it was only a matter of time before it got to me, too. I can only be grateful that this didn’t take us all out of commission all at once, or else we would have been in big trouble.

Just as is traveled to Brittny from Sam over the course of a day, I was next to be hit. That Tuesday night, I got hit hard. Just like the others, I ended up vomiting everything I had in me and spending a lot of time in the bathroom, but the unfortunate side of things for me was that the major symptoms lasted through the night, so I wasn’t hardly able to sleep at all, even though I really wanted to. My memory of everything is pretty foggy since I was so miserable, but my Facebook status history tells me that I was up until at least 7:30am the next morning. I finally got to sleep for a good amount of time and was feeling much better by the end of the day. Though I must admit I had to slowly transition back into eating normal foods over the next couple of days.

While I’m glad to say that our family is pretty much fully recovered from the incident, it did cause quite a disruption in our long list of things to do. I think we’ve all gained a greater appreciation for our generally good health as a result of this experience, and hopefully we’ll have better news to report in the weeks to come.

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