Our Cute Little Sam – Part 1

 - by Brittny

Well I promised in my last post to get an update on Sam up. I started writing it and couldn’t stop writing about our cute little bug!  The post ended up being 5 pages long with no pictures or videos, which I decided didn’t make for a very fun post.  So I’m going to work on breaking it up into a few different posts with pictures and get those up over the course of this week.  So here’s part one, with more to come soon :)  These will be a little disorganized, but I just want to capture some of the cute and funny things that Sam is doing right now so that we can remember them later.  Sam is growing up so fast, and it’s sad to realize how many things he’s done that I’ve already forgotten!  He is an energetic bundle of joy and we’re so glad to have him in our family.

Sam is really into climbing, and digging in dirt, and playing with sticks and rocks.  He LOVES to be outside.  He will drag me to the door every morning and try to convince me to take him outside as often as he can.  He also loves dogs.  I really don’t know where that came from because he’s never really been around dogs much, but he gets so excited when he sees a dog.  It doesn’t even have to be a real dog, it can be a dog on a dog food commercial or the cartoon puppy on Wii Sports Resort.  Whenever he sees a dog his face lights up and he starts panting like a dog and making barking noises.  We haven’t yet broke the news to him that we have no intention of having any pets in our household…

Luckily to counteract his appreciation of dirt – Sam loves taking showers with us.  One thing that’s really funny is that he’s picked up on what we do when we take a shower.  When we turn the shower on he reaches his hand up as high as he can to try to touch the water.  He’s mimicking how we test the temperature before we hop in!  He knows that until the water has been tested he can’t get in, so he’s started doing it himself :)  Tonight Eric was also teaching him how to blow bubbles in the bathtub.  He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but it was cute to see him try.

We’ve recently started some preliminary potty training with Sam.  We don’t have any expectations that we’re going to get anywhere soon, but we’re getting him used to the idea of sitting on the toilet.  So we bought a little potty seat and let him sit on there after we go to the bathroom.  He thinks it’s fun to sit on there for a little while and to wave goodbye to the water when we flush it.  We try to explain to him what he’s supposed to do while he’s on there and so we modeled the grunting that he might do when he poops.  So now he grunts whenever he sits on the toilet, even though he’s not usually pooping. We’ve had a couple of successes and we figure this at least paves the way for when he is ready.  One funny thing that he did was we pulled him out of the shower and I ran to go get him a diaper.  While I was searching for a diaper he walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid… and peed on the floor.  As much as we didn’t really want pee on the floor, we were pretty impressed with the effort :)

Along with his potty training Sam now has one chore – to throw away his diapers after we change him.  He loves taking the wrapped up diaper from us and dunking it in the diaper genie.  He gets mad now when we do it instead!

So, there’s round one of the Sam update.  Round two might be slower in coming since I’ll probably have to take specific pictures to go with the rest of the items, but with how slow I am with updating – take what you can get!

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