Sam’s first haircut!

 - by Brittny

You may have noticed in Sam’s birthday post that his hair was getting a little bit on the long side. I had been resisting cutting it for a long time because it was SO cute. Especially because it would go every which way and he looked like a little Einstein. Plus, baby hair is so soft! I was having a hard time resigning myself to the fact that our little Sam was growing up and needed to have a big boy haircut.

Well, Taylor and Ryan returned our hair clippers and Eric convinced me it was finally time. So on Friday after Sam’s birthday we took the plunge. And of course we documented with pictures for your enjoyment…

Before – you can see how his hair was going over his ears. He’d have had a hard time going to the BYU Testing Center…

Getting his hair cut was a team effort. Taylor held him, I did the cutting, and Eric filmed the process. Sam thought it was great to have so much attention and hammed it up for the camera :P

Sam wouldn’t stay still for a good after shot, but you can see a quick glimpse of him as he’s on his way to other things.

Aww, my little baby is all grown up. Ok, so not really, he’s only one, but it is amazing how much older he looks even with just a little bit of a haircut.

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