Sam Stats

 - by Brittny

So I have a few posts that are backed up right now but since I took Sam in for his 1 year appointment today I thought I would post his stats for everyone while they are fresh in my head.

Weight – 21 lbs. 4 oz – 30th percentile
Length – 30.5 inches – 75th percentile
Head circumference – 48cm – 90th percentile

So basically we have a tall skinny kid with a HUGE head. Where did that come from? Last time I checked Eric and I were both on the shorter end of the spectrum. Oh well. But everything’s looking good. He’s growing well but could probably use being fed more solid foods and less breast milk. So that’s what we’re working on.

One interesting thing happened at the doctor’s this morning. Eric wasn’t able to come with us and since I don’t do well with needles I was left with the conundrum of whether to stay with Sam to support him and risk passing out, or to leave him and feel like I’d abandoned him. I was debating between the two until I was sitting with Sam in the doctor’s office just thinking about the needles and started getting a little woozy. I decided it was best for everyone involved if I let the nurses do what they do best with me out of the way. Of course, Sam wasn’t a fan of being left behind and started crying when I left the room. He screamed a lot and I felt really bad about leaving him. What was interesting though was that the nurses said he didn’t really fuss for the shots – just for me leaving. I felt a little bit better that at least he wasn’t upset by the shots, but really sad that he felt abandoned. I’m definitely going to make sure that Eric can come next time!

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