"You have Tortellini?!!"

 - by Brittny

Most of you don’t know the background to the title of this post, so I’ll need to back up a little bit and give you a Hansen Family history lesson…

Once upon a time, in a land far far away… or possibly just in Provo about 2 1/2 years ago…. Eric and I were engaged. Since we enjoyed spending time together, we would get together after classes every night and make dinner together. One night Eric was over at my apartment rummaging through my freezer for something we could make. Suddenly he pulls out a bag. With a look on his face that could mean that we’d just told him today was Christmas, he says “you have tortellini?!” This was how I discovered one of Eric’s favorite meals. He was so excited about it that at that moment I REALLY wished that the tortellinis in his hand were mine. Unfortunately, they were in fact my roommate’s. However, you can bet that with a reaction like that I made sure to buy tortellini on my next grocery trip, and pretty much every grocery trip since.

Fast forward to today. Last night I once again made tortellini for dinner. Which meant there were leftovers for my lunch today. I made the mistake of making that lunch while Sam was hanging out in the front room with me. The following is what ensued…

Sorry the pictures aren’t the highest quality… Sam wouldn’t go more than a foot away from me and the tortellini.

Yeah, Samuel is definitely his father’s son :P

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