Whoa! June?! Where did you come from?

 - by Brittny

So I knew I’d been pretty bad at updating this blog, but I hadn’t realized just how bad until I looked at it today. Somehow May completely escaped having any posts from me about what our little family has been doing. Eric posted a couple of times, but there are no pictures or videos of Sam or updates on what he’s doing. I’m such a punk, and I apologize.

Rather than bombarding you all at once with a trillion pictures, videos and stories (and to keep this post from being too overwhelming of an assignment for myself) I’ll give you a cute picture of Sam and a promise of more posts imminently to come (as in I’m going to start on them right now and publish them as I finish each one :)

Sam still sleeps in our bed at night, and we’re bad parents and let him sleep on his stomach (since the alternative seems to be that he won’t sleep at all). Of course, a lot of the time we’ll get up while he’s still sleeping (or when he’s back to sleep again, depending on the day). So, to keep him from falling off the bed we build him a little fort of pillows, which is what you see around him in this picture :)

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