Baby Blessing Pictures!

 - by Brittny

We had intended to take some nice pictures of everyone after Samuel’s blessing on Sunday. However, it was a crazier day than we had anticipated I guess so that sorta fell to the wayside. I got these pictures from my Grandpa so they’re pretty much all of my side of the family. I think once Eric is done with school we’ll try to get some nice pictures taken with our brother-in-law Rhett Olson so that we have some nice pictures and not just snapshots. Anyways, I tried to clean these up with Picasa as much as I could. Sorry if the color is a little weird, I’m pretty novice at photo editing and Eric is more than a little bogged down with finals (although, he’s completely done with two classes now! Hooray! Only 5 finals to go!)

Anyways, here are the pictures:

Our happy little family :)
The backlighting isn’t ideal, but not much I can do about that now.

Four Generations of Andersons

Samuel playing with his Aunt Taylor

Samuel being burped by his Grandpa Anderson

Samuel taking a nap on his Uncle Kyle
Funny story, so Kyle is always very startled when he wakes up and tends to jump and be disoriented for awhile. Fortunately we realized this just a couple minutes before he woke up so Taylor was able to grab Sam as Kyle woke up to save him from being thrown across the room.

Grandma Anderson sneaking away with Samuel

This is actually my favorite picture of all. If you can’t tell I’m breastfeeding Samuel in this picture. I’m using one of my many nursing covers (they are the best, thank you SO much to Crystal, Makenzie and Amber for making them for me! I’m super glad I have a few of them too so that I can keep them in different places and be able to wash them and still have one to use!) so that I could be discreet about it. Of course, that meant that my nieces were really curious and wanted to come see. In this picture you can see Emily (3) pulling up the nursing cover so she could see Samuel. Good thing I have that nursing cover so I can be discreet :P

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