A Crazy, Spiritual, Family-Filled Weekend

 - by Brittny

We had a very busy weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of our activities: On Friday night I held a bridal shower for my little sister Taylor and Eric went to a bachelor party for her fiancé Ryan. Afterward my whole family hung out at our clubhouse and we watched Stardust. Saturday morning we headed out to our nephew Elias’ baptism, followed by a family lunch. Immediately after the lunch we went to the Salt Lake Temple to be with Taylor as she received her endowment. Then we raced back to Provo to get Eric to a concert being held on BYU campus. We went straight from the concert out to dinner with my family (at 9:30pm!) and then finally home to go to bed. Sunday we woke up early to get ready for church as we were having Samuel’s baby blessing that day. After church and the blessing we had lots of friends and family over for an Easter lunch. My family stayed for most of the evening before starting their trip back to Cslifornia and we ended the weekend with Eric working his Sunday shift and realizing he had way too much schoolwork to do AND make it to work on Monday.

Needless to say it was an exhausting weekend – although an awesome one! My family keeps a blog of highs and lows where Eric and I have both already posted our thoughts on the weekend as well as some more details and a fun video! Rather than reinvent the wheel we will just direct you there. Eric’s post can be found here, it’s pretty short so you can get through it quick. Mine is considerably longer (I had a lot of thoughts and feelings from the events this weekend that I wanted to share) but you can find it here.

I wanted to post some pictures from Sunday’s activities, but I somehow ended up with only a few pictures and they’re all of my family (i.e. the Andersons – my parents and siblings) rather than our family (i.e. Eric, Samuel and I). I’m going to try and hunt down some pictures of the three of us and I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

On another note, we’re SO excited that today is Eric’s last day of classes!!! Hopefully you’ll start seeing a lot more from us as our life settles into a more sane rhythm in the next few weeks! :)

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