Baby update post

 - by Brittny

So, since I’ve made you all wait for a whole month for a new baby bump shot I figure I better get that out of the way first.
It’s hard to gauge how big I’m getting since I see myself every day… and my size doesn’t change drastically from one day to the next. In fact, I took this picture and thought that it probably looked about the same as the last one we’d taken. Boy was I wrong! (you can see that picture in this post) I knew I was gaining weight, I guess it just hadn’t set in how much I’d really put on! Although the Wii Fit has given me no false notions of where I stand weight wise…
Don’t worry, I didn’t really gain a ton of weight all of a sudden at the end of December. When my family got a Wii Fit for Christmas we realized that the solution to using the Wii Fit on carpet… was the carpet extenders that came with our Wii Fit in the first place! Somehow we’d missed them when we were setting our’s up. Unfortunately it means that we both suddenly gained about 10 lbs according to the Wii Fit (not a great way to boost your self-esteem), but on the plus side my Wii weight is now much more similar to what they’ve been telling me I weigh at the doctor’s office. Oh, and don’t think I’m super shy about my actual weight. I post the BMI graph because it shows the whole scale for the past three months… it gets cut off on the bottom when I look at the actual weight graph.

So it’s kind of hard to believe but we’re now in the home stretch of this pregnancy. About a month and a half from now we should have our little Samuel here! We’re very excited about it. I will stop commuting and work exclusively from home starting at the end of this week which will be an interesting change. I’ve been slowly trying to make that transition. Unfortunately, since our company moved buildings this summer I’ve really grown a lot closer to my co-workers. There were a few changes on our team just before the move and somehow making that move and having the new environment sort of bonded us all together as a team more so than before. Anyways, while I’m not sad in the least to be giving up the commute, I will be sad to not get to interact with my colleagues in the same way.

I think we’re getting a lot closer to actually being ready for Samuel to come. As we mentioned in a previous post we got a crib from Rhett and Julie, which we set up just after New Year’s. It’s been hard to give up having an office since we’d gotten used to it over the past few months. But almost all of the random stuff that had accumulated in there has been moved out to our storage closet and it now houses a lot of baby stuff. We were really blessed and got a TON of stuff from my Uncle Paul and Aunt Stacy since they were getting rid of a lot of the things they had for their son that was born during the spring of last year. We have two huge Rubbermaid containers and a box full of clothes, a bag of bottles, a vibrating chair, a carseat and a bunch of other stuff from them! Thank you soo much Paul and Stacy!! Now we basically just need some diapers and wipes and we should be good to go. Ok, so there are several other things that we would like to get before then as well, but it’s definitely reassuring to know that we’ve got most of the things in order already.

As far as I go, I’m still feeling really good. Still dealing with heartburn, and getting a little bit more tired. Other than that, my biggest complaint is that it’s getting harder and harder to get up off of our comfortable memory foam mattress :) Eric now has to shove me out of bed, not because I don’t want to get out… but because I get stuck! I’m feeling really blessed to have such limited symptoms. Last Sunday I was looking around our ward at some of the other pregnant women. There was one woman in particular who I looked at and thought, “Man, she’s huge and looks really uncomfortable. She must be ready to pop!” I looked at the Relief Society binder and looked up her due date… it’s exactly one month AFTER mine. So, I’m definitely feeling grateful for how easy I’ve had it. But I am growing right on track so far. I have another appointment tomorrow and I’m anticipating my doctor to tell me that everything’s looking good like she has for the past few appointments.

Hopefully you’re not offended by seeing my bare tummy… it’s really funny to watch it move on its own!

Getting away from baby news, Eric just finished his last first week of classes! Wahoo! Between the 14 credit hours he’s taking, going full time at Omniture and having a baby this semester he’s definitely got his plate full! We’re hoping that he’ll be able to pass the Physical Science 100 exemption exam this week so he can eliminate 3 of those credits, but he’ll still be really busy all semester. And yes, you did read that right, Eric is now officially a full time employee at Omniture. He made the transition from being part-time at 30 hours to being full-time at 32 hours at the beginning of the year. It’s not a huge change scheduling-wise, he still works basically the same shift as before. However, now he is a full-time employee with benefits, woot!

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