Month: October 2008

A slightly overdue post

 - by Brittny

Eric’s been on my case all week since I promised that I would write this post and haven’t gotten around to it until now, oops! Sorry for those of you who try to keep up and noticed that we missed a week!

I guess we’ll start with a baby update. I look pregnant! In fact, last week we were out buying Eric some new suits and I had the first person ever just ask me when the baby was due. In fact, she was the first person to ask me if I was pregnant at all. The funny thing was, it caught me a little off guard and at first I was slightly offended that she would ask… and then I remembered, oh wait… I am pregnant… and I’ve been wanting to look pregnant :P And I finally remembered to get Eric to take some baby bump pictures. So now you can see for yourselves just how pregnant I look!

Side view

A more attractive (in my opinion) although less telling front view.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and everything is going well so far. The ultrasound put the baby right on track for the due date they’d given us so there weren’t any surprises there. Everything looked great with him, which is definitely the most important part. We’ve been throwing around some different names for him and we think we’re pretty settled on Samuel Eric Hansen, although it’s still open to be changed. Apparently my brothers hate the name and have summarily declared that if we name our son Samuel he will be a loser. Good thing their votes don’t count :) We’ve also considered the name Keegan but we’re not sure if that sounds too weird with the last name of Hansen. What do you guys think? We’ll probably put up a poll if we come up with more names that we really like, but so far Samuel is sticking pretty good.

I’ve also found that this baby likes to move A LOT! It really is the weirdest feeling in the world to have a little person moving around inside of me. Eric has been able to feel him too which is always neat. I’ve been feeling REALLY good lately. Everyone says that the second trimester is so much better than the first and that has definitely been the case for me. In fact, sometime this past week I sat down and thought back on the first trimester… even though I don’t think I complained too much (although Eric might beg to differ on that account) I was pretty darn miserable. I guess since it sorta came on slowly and was more of a constant achy, nauseous, exhausted feeling without really getting too acute ever I hadn’t realized how bad it was. Anyways, I’m sooo grateful to be done with that part and into this stage. I know that this part won’t last forever and that the 3rd trimester is supposed to be even worse in some ways. So I’m just going to enjoy and be grateful for this part while it lasts!

So switching gears from baby, this was a pretty rough week for Eric. He had a bunch of midterms and projects that were all due this week – and he got pleuritis. His dad was able to diagnose him over the phone and had him taking a basic anti-inflammatory (a.k.a. MotrinIB), but after a couple of days that still wasn’t working. So Eric went into urgent care and had a doctor there confirm the diagnosis. They took an x-ray of his chest and confirmed the diagnosis but found that the pleurisy was viral and not bacterial – taking antibiotics wasn’t going to do anything to help. They gave him a prescription strength anti-inflammatory which helped tremendously and now he’s doing much better! Thanks for everyone who showed concern and offered their help this week, it was definitely appreciated!

Oh, and as I was telling you earlier, we bought Eric some new suits last weekend! They needed to get some alterations on them this week but he got them on Friday, and he looks hot in them! I wanted to post at least one picture of him in his new pinstripe suit because I think he looks amazing in it and I wanted to share :)

Eric insists that these suits are his Christmas present and tried to convince me it was his birthday present too (that idea was quickly nixed by me since his birthday present is already in the works, and is non-returnable, non-refundable). Speaking of birthday presents, Eric got me mine a couple weeks early too and I’ve been having a blast with it! We got a Wii Fit (see this video for a satirical version of the Wii Fit commercial that we really enjoy)! We’ve been having a ton of fun with it and getting into shape too. It’s just about the level and time commitment I can give to exercising right now too. Thanks honey!! I’m sure you already know how much I love it :)

The results are in!!

 - by Brittny

We had the ultrasound today! So the polls are closed for guessing what flavor it is, now we know :) Everything looks good with the baby for which we are very grateful. It was really cool to get to actually see this baby! I’ve been able to feel it a little bit for the past week or so, and so we were super excited to actually see it. We got some pictures which Eric scanned into the computer so we could post them here. See how good you would do as a sonographer!

It was in a very good position for a good profile shot. The sonographer kept commenting what a cute profile it was and how lucky we were!

An arm!

In addition to finding out that our baby is healthy and growing well, we did get to find out the gender. We know we’ve been really mean to make you wait all the way to the end of the post to find out since that’s probably what you were waiting to see! See if you can tell…

It’s a Boy!!

Yup, the poll was absolutely wrong about the gender of our baby – we’re having a little boy! He was very cooperative and was totally spread eagle. No doubt about what kind of baby that is! We’ve decided to call him Gerund until he’s born, because we really like the name, but we realize how cruel it could be to name our kid that for real. As we discuss more names and settle on other favorites we’ll post them and take feedback on them. We’re really excited to get to meet our son in February!

For those of you who are interested we’ve posted the video of the ultrasound on google video. We know it’s really long but we figure there are some people who’d really like to see it, and if you don’t care… you won’t watch it :) You can see it here:

Slower week

 - by Eric

Since this is me, I won’t be doing a novel-lengthed post. I don’t even think there’s much Brittny could write about.

BYU didn’t play football this week, but the crazy upset loss USC had was pretty nice for us (even though analysts still don’t take us seriously)! Hopefully we can keep this winning streak going! We are the last non-BCS team to win a national championship, so that would be neat to do it again!

We went to the Office Premiere party at Cody & Amber’s house last Friday. It was a ton of fun! I won’t spoil the exact detail, but something has happened that we have been waiting to happen for quite some time.

I’m still really enjoying my scooter, by the way. I went to fill up this week–$3.52 and that’s all :) Wish me luck on my skills test (to make my motorcycle license permanent) next week.

School is school. I’m trying to fight Senioritis, and so far so good…