- by Eric

As the title suggests, I got a new scooter last week! Brittny has talked about it some in her novel-lengthed post for the week, but I figure I would at least upload some pictures to show-off my new toy.

There were a lot of reasons to get a scooter:

  • The caddy could die at any moment
  • Brittny needs a reliable car to go to work as her bus pass is expiring
  • The caddy gets almost 15 Miles per Gallon, whereas the scooter gets 82 MPG!
  • It is just plan cheaper!

One of the big reasons for me getting a scooter though was for the commute. Basically, my classes are in the center of campus. If I were to drive a car, then I would have to park almost a mile away and walk in. That takes about 15 minutes each way, and considering the fact that I need to be at work 15 minutes after classes end, that method just wouldn’t work. However, scooters have lots of nice parking spaces right next to the buildings!

This was the way to go for me. $1200 later, I had the scooter, license, and helmet gear to get me on the road. A brand new “Phantom” (don’t really care about the brand name) 150cc scooter that tops out at about 65 MPH, so it’s just fine for in-town use. And filling up the tank at the end of the week? About four dollars. So wonderful!

So sleek and shiny!

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