Mattress Match-up

 - by Eric

So, today we went bed shopping. Yeah, it might be kind of weird for some people to think that we are just now actually buying our very first bed, but so it is. In retrospect, it has been quite nice being able to get used to how Brittny and I sleep now that we are married. We also know what type of mattress suits us best. I can just envision shopping for a bed while engaged or even newly married being so awkward and difficult to make an educated decision. On top of that, not having to move a bed around to all the places we’ve been living in has been real nice.

But since we are settling down into a more permanent temporary housing, we knew it was time. We decided to look first at RC Willey, but that got shot down as soon as we saw the ridiculously high price tags as compared to what we found on the Internet ( has some good deals). We ended up at Mattress Warehouse in Orem, and we are glad we went there. Brittny and I were really impressed at the way they showed us the basics of bed shopping (most of which we knew, but it was still nice) and then they let us be to try out any of the beds that we desired. No pushy salesmen looking for a commission.

Surprisingly, we found the new memory foam mattresses to be Incredible. They come with 20-year warranties as compared to the regular inner spring’s 10-year standard warranty. It felt so good to have our backs lined up in good posture. Another crazy thing is putting keys down on the mattress and then lying down on top of them. You can’t even feel them there! We were especially excited because we were able to buy a generic brand one for a little less than the normal spring mattress we’d been looking at getting otherwise. We’ve been told that it takes a little while to get used to since we get so used to sleeping on regular mattresses that don’t support our weight correctly, it’s like making the switch to standing up straight after walking around hunched over for years and years. We can definitely see how that’s going to be true, however the other side of it is that once you do get used to it…. you never want to go back. After dealing with less than ideal beds while we were in Wymount, we are excited to get this new one.

Cool Memory Foam!! It remembers me!

Oh, and they threw in free delivery/set up, box spring, and a cover too! We’d totally recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal.

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