The Value of Family

 - by Eric

You know, it’s hard for me to understand how some people focus their entire life into their work. It is as if they expect work to be completely and utterly fulfilling. I recently had an experience that strengthened my views regarding work and family.

If you didn’t hear already, I have this sweet job at Omniture working as a Mandarin Technical Consultant. I get to use my language skills, I am expanding my understanding of the Internet industry, and they treat me very well as an employee.

But no matter how well a job can treat you, your work doesn’t care about you first. It can’t. At least not in this capitalistic society. Your work cares about making money, and it’s easy to see that seeking only money does not bring true happiness.

Last Saturday, we had an Omniture Super Summer Shindig at Thanksgiving Point. We were supposed to be able to pick up passports to the park and all that fun stuff once we arrived at the check-in. Nope. They dropped the ball and didn’t even come close to bringing it. And while they had so many rides and games and fun things to do with all of your coworkers, it paled in comparison with a simple family get together at my brother Mike’s house.

We just brought some food, cooked it up and ate together. Brittny and I got to play with nieces and nephews, and the simple joys that it brought to our family were greater than anything Omniture could ever give me. The simple peace I have waking up next to my beautiful wife and knowing that we are in this together is more wonderful than any level of financial stability. This is the power of family.

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