Hansen Extended Family Reunion

 - by Eric

Well, I guess it’s time for the short post, as I usually have less to say. Today was the extended Hansen family reunion picnic. It wasn’t nearly as long or elaborate as the other reunion we went to, but it was still a good experience, of course.

The picnic was made up of branches of families from my great grandfather, Heber Hansen. There was a tally of blood descendants from each branch of the family, and it appeared to be a rather large number. Most branches of the family had about 40-50 descendants, and one came in at 132. A part of me felt like this reunion was for the older generation, not so much myself.

The crazy thing is that I discovered yet another relative who works at Omniture the same as I do. Who would have guessed that three close relatives could end up working for the same company in such a short time span?

The most fun of this adventure today was by far the time we got to spend with our nieces and nephews. We were smarter this time around and took some great pictures and video clips. As I said before, this reunion picnic was more geared toward the older generation, and so the kids made their own fun.

The boys loved climbing trees and pretending they were in a fort of some sort, while the little girls liked to pull Brittny to and fro, playing what they call, “Princesses and Magical Things!” And in the meantime, my niece Emmie did the cutest dance while she would eat her “YummY!” food!

Note: I know the video is sideways and the sound is messed up, but I will try to fix that later.

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