Moving woes

 - by Brittny

Yesterday we spent the entire day moving. Our whole storage closet is now cleaned out — yay! We couldn’t really move too much else since we’re still living in our current apartment for another week, but it felt good to get that much done. Of course… at the end of the day we were pretty wiped out, and didn’t even want to make the effort to clean off our couch to watch a movie. So instead we blew up our air mattress, ordered pizza and vegged all night. It was great :)

Ok, so we took the picture the next day… so we’re in Sunday clothes… you still get the idea, right?

We’re moving this week into Cody & Amber Phillips’ (really good friends of ours that we made through Eric’s ISYS group this year) apartment for the summer. We’re really excited about this because it gives us a chance to help out some good friends (they can keep their contract without having to pay double rent while Cody’s on an internship) and puts us in an awesome location for both of our jobs, along with several other fabulous benefits.

First of all the location is ideal for us. Right now it takes me about 10 minutes to get from our apartment in Wymount to the bus stop in Orem. I timed how long it will take me from the place we’ll be living this summer it takes 3 minutes — 3!! It also puts us a mere 8 blocks from Omniture where Eric works. Moving to Orem makes a lot of sense for us right now.

If the location weren’t good enough we’re also upgrading from our beautiful cinderblock walls in Wymount to real live walls. Ok, so that’s not the big excitement, but having a washer and dryer in the apartment is. The biggest excitement (and really the stimulus for us leaving Wymount), is having a dishwasher. If that doesn’t seem amazing to you, you’ve never tried living without one. Currently our dishes get done once a week… maybe. I’m so excited to not have to look at the insurmountable task of washing every dish we own by hand. And yes, I do realize that I will still have to actually do the dishes, but having had experience with dishwashers in the past, I feel I can safely say that I can in fact place dishes in the dishwasher.

Of course, the one downside is that while we are moving… we’re also house hunting. Even though we’re only going to be in Amber & Cody’s apartment for the summer we’re still planning on moving to Orem semi-permanently. So we’re looking for places that fit a rather odd set of requirements. Because we are both such tech nerds (hence our blog title) we need to find somewhere with awesome internet capabilities. Also, somewhere with white walls so that we can use our projector. We know that we never want to go back to not having a dishwasher/washer/dryer so those are also requirements. Oh, and the requirement that is currently the most difficult of all, we don’t want to move in until August :P We know it will work out eventually, and we’re probably just looking way to far ahead, but hopefully by keeping on top of the listings now we can find exactly the place we want when the time comes :)

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