Year: 2007

Friday Night date night

 - by Brittny

So, my husband is the best. Hands down, no competition – THE best. Friday he proved that to me once again. Normally on Friday night I’ll come home from work and we’ll make dinner, watch a movie together or maybe have someone come over. Nothing too exciting but it’s always nice to just relax and be together at the end of a long week.

However, this past Friday while I was working Eric asked me where I wanted to go for dinner that night. He’d blocked out time on our calendar as “Friday night date night” and wanted to take me out. It wasn’t an anniversary or anything like that but he had really thought about it and planned it out so we could have a real date night. I was totally touched. He booked reservations for us that were late enough that I would have time to shower and get all ready after work, even though I know he was probably going to be rather hungry by the time he got home and would rather just go. Then he found a movie that was probably a little more on the side of a chick-flick than he would have preferred and decided we should go to that.

We got all dressed up and went out to Macaroni Grill. I’d never been there before so it was a fun first experience. We were really lucky and got a table in the back corner, kind of secluded and next to a window. Eric wanted it to be all romantic so he started a game where we basically just went through different memories of us being together. It was really fun to just sit there and remember a lot of the good times we’ve had. And we definitely got to remember *a lot* of the good times we’ve had. Our food took forever to get there. The management was all worried about it and they covered our drinks and dessert to make up for it — but really, it was nice. We had the bread there to eat so we weren’t starving, and our movie wasn’t for another couple of hours so it was nice to just have somewhere to sit and talk. Even after dating for over a year, I never get tired of talking to Eric. It just always feels like such a treat to have some time together with him.

After dinner we went to see August Rush which was excellent. It had great music and an awesome plot line, it was really really a great movie. We cuddled as much as we could with an armrest in the way but I just liked being close to him and enjoying a great movie. We talked on the way home about the movie as well as talking more about how we’d come together and everything. After we got home we talked some more, listened to the soundtrack from August Rush and went to bed.

I know that the evening overall may not seem original or anything but it was so fun to spend some dedicated time with my husband. More than anything I was just touched that he wanted to do something nice like that for me and took the time to plan something out. He is so sweet and caring towards me, more than I could ever deserve. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. I love Eric more every single day and hope that I can be as good to him as he is to me.

A long overdue… lengthy… but still incomplete.. post

 - by Brittny

I was looking on my Facebook profile and realized that I hadn’t posted anything since July… so maybe it was time for me to post something again.

Since our honeymoon Eric and I have fallen into real life. It’s SO much better than single or engaged life. Not even a comparison. It’s so wonderful to be able to come home at the end of the day to someone that you love and are comfortable with. Married life really is the best! It’s so nice not to feel the pressure to do exciting things all the time because I’m young and single and this is as good as it gets (which is totally false by the way… single life sucked, married life rules).

I really got into the whole housewife thing for the first couple weeks after we got back. It was really fun setting up our apartment and getting everything in order. I especially liked having the time to cook real meals (like that aren’t based around pasta-roni or tacos) for once in my life! I won’t lie and say I’m a great cook… or even necessarily a good cook, but I really enjoyed actually making real food.

As soon as our apartment finally got set up it was time for YA camp, where I was working as a counselor for two weeks in July. I hadn’t known exactly what I was going to be facing when I got back from our honeymoon so I had figured that I might as well ensure that I was gainfully employed for at least those two weeks. Unfortunately, I had started job hunting the week before. Not really aggressively but I had posted my resume on WOW. Within 24 hours I had received at least two phone calls and I was inundated with calls and emails for the next several weeks for job offers. One employer wanted to interview me ASAP and I agreed to come in on the first Monday of YASE (Young Ambassadors Singing Entertainer Camp). It worked out since I was only working as a night counselor so my day was free. The company was down in Salt Lake and I wasn’t real keen on having to go all the way down there, but I went anyways. I didn’t think that anything was going to come of the interview. I had looked at the caliber of work that the company does and I was very impressed. It’s an advertising agency that focuses a large part of their sales on providing high quality websites for their clients and the recruiter who had called me had said they were looking for someone with a good eye for design… which would decidedly not be me. But I went for the interview and had a job before I left the building. They were so desperate for PHP programmers (it turns out they have a whole design team so my lack of creativity wasn’t even an issue) that he asked if I would come back the next day and work whatever hours I could while I had YASE. They agreed to pay me more than I had expected to get and I didn’t really have plans for during the day. So, I came back the next day. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks. I woke up at YA camp each morning, got my girls off to rehearsal, got dressed, drove down to SLC, worked for 5 hours, drove back and played counselor all night. I got practically no sleep and I was trying desperately to grasp their code system. It was a long couple of weeks. However, I really enjoyed working for the company and I liked that I was working on projects that I could feel very proud to have been a part of.

Luckily, those two weeks didn’t kill me and I started after that to work at Axis 41 full time, but still being paid on an hourly basis. My manager kept saying they intended to hire me on as a full time salaried employee… but that went on for about 6 weeks. Just as I was starting to think that they were just holding on to me until they could find someone better, they offered me the job for reals! So, I’ve been working there since July… although only officially since the very end of August. I really enjoy working there, although the commute sucks. I take the bus, which definitely helps. I sleep the whole way there and generally spend the ride home on the phone with my mom or listening to podcasts. It’s not a bad deal all in all, I enjoy the work, I’m learning a lot and it pays well. But spending 15 hours a week on a bus isn’t so fun. Although, it’s not so bad now that school has started for Eric. At least I know that while I’m in Salt Lake City, he’s in school or at work anyway. It’s just not any fun being at home without him.

There’s not too much happening in my life aside from work. I’m in the Sunday school presidency of our ward serving as the secretary, so that’s been keeping me pretty busy when I’m at home. However, hopefully things are going to be settling down now that all of our teachers are called and classes are arranged *crosses fingers *. Eric and I try to invite people over frequently, which has been really fun. We generally don’t get too fancy, but it’s just nice to have people over and get to know them better.

I guess that’s about it. I’m sure there’s more but my brain is pretty fried. We’re launching a website on Monday that I’ve been in charge of developing. Which means that I’ve been working late nights, early mornings and extra hard in between. Plus, they’re probably going to make me come in to the office later today, which I’m so far from thrilled about. Oh well. Maybe I’ll come up with the other things that are happening in my life later. For now, I think I’m done.

Yay! We made it home from Paris!

 - by Eric

Honeymoon pictures!

Well, we made it home from Paris last Saturday, but this is the first time I’ve really been able to update since then. I’ve worked every morning since then until today. So I have a breather from work. Now I get to focus on school work and my application to the Business School!

The honeymoon was great! We just loved taking it easy while we were there. We saw a lot of cool things and places, but most of all we were just happy being together! :)

The trip home was a mess, though. The one big lesson we learned was to never, ever ever ever ever fly with Air India! As we were landing two hours late in New Jersey, thus missing our connecting flight, the pilot bounced the plane on the runway! First the right wheel hit, then he brought the left wheel down hard…so hard, in fact, that the right side of the plane lifted off the ground, bringing the left wing dangerously close to the ground. We seriously thought we were going to die! The flight attendants also looked extremely scared.

After that, Air India did a horrible job at getting us on another airline. We called their service desk four times, only to be hung up on each and every time. Fortunately, the threat of a lawsuit made the cooperate the fifth time, and we finally made it home.

I know this all sounds like a really bad experience, but the honeymoon itself was wonderful! And now, we have a waay interesting story to tell people!

Hello from Paris!

 - by Eric

I know, I know. It has been forever since I last posted an update, but I have a good reason!

On June 2, 2007, Brittny Anderson became Brittny Anderson Hansen in the Los Angeles, CA temple! It was the best day of my life, and I will definitely post pictures up on my website so everyone can enjoy them.

In the meantime, Britt and I are livin’ the good life out in Paris, France! Last night, we went up the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the short light show that came on at 11 o’clock the same evening. Don’t worry everybody, we’ll be back soon. I just thought I would give you all a good update.