Our Story

 - by Brittny

Well, even though this is an old story we thought the best way to start out our family blog would be by including our story of how we became to be a family. Yes, we back-dated it to the day (and fairly close to the time) we got engaged. Here’s our story as we compiled it for our wedding website:

Eric’s side of the story

My side of the story begins in Fall 2006 at Liberty Square apartments. Three of my roommates were from a nice place called Thousand Oaks, CA. One day toward the beginning of the semester, we had a knock on the door. This was the first time I laid eyes upon Brittny Anderson. Unlike the movies, however, there was no theme music, sparks, or anything spectacular. At the same time, I must admit I was at least interested in this girl. Even though we didn’t interact much at that first meeting, I was left with a very good impression of Brittny.I had a very busy semester, but I learned a lot from my friends and leaders, who encouraged in my dating life.

Toward the end of the semester I hadn’t been on a date with anyone for awhile, so I figured I ought to go on at least on more date before the stress of finals set in. I was randomly discussing this topic with my roommates when they suggested that I ask Brittny out for a date. I thought to myself, “Why not?” I mean, she’s an attractive woman, and I had thought about going on a date with her before. I remember it vividly— I was in Paul and Tyler’s room when Brittny all of a sudden sent a message to Paul’s computer. Since I was already at his desk I decided to start talking to her. It was a really good conversation! I asked her out for that Friday night and everything was all hunky-dory.

Monday night, I was doing my usual homework and noticed that Brittny was online. I talked to Paul and it was decided that Brittny and I should talk to each other. So we started talking on our own. The conversation was still amazing! I found myself wanting to talk to her more and more. We talked the next night, and the night after that! Come Thursday, we were talking during the day, and she asked if she could come to my intramural soccer championship game that night. I of course had no objections, and I even got to pick her up! I guess you might call it a date, but it wasn’t really planned. Afterwards, we headed over to her house to play some games. We sat by each other on the coach, sending signals. We had a whole couch to sit on, but we only used one half of the space, we were so close.

That night we stayed up late again, talking on-line until three in the morning. Toward the end of the conversation, I realized how much I liked this girl. I said, “I think I like you more than a friend.” She said the same to me and that was that. We were dating before our first official date.

Brittny’s side of the story

At the end of Summer 2006 my family went to Australia which meant my friends drove my car up to Utah for me. They picked me up from the airport and we drove back to Provo. When we arrived at their apartment I wanted to stay for a minute, say hello, meet their roommates, see where they were living, and all that. That was when I met Eric. It wasn’t like a pillar of light and we started singing “I’ve seen that smile, somewhere before”; however, I do remember thinking he seemed really cool…and the thought definitely passed through my mind that I would like to date him, but I didn’t really consider it too seriously. That whole evening, Eric was the one person who I remember being totally hospitable and kind to me—this random guy who I didn’t know at all. By the time I went home he had definitely left an impression on me. But, I honestly never thought it would go anywhere.

On the Sunday before the last full week of classes I was online and I sent Eric’s roommate Paul an IM. Eric happened to be at the computer instead of Paul and we started talking. During the course of our conversation he asked me out on date for the following Friday. I still really didn’t think anything was going to happen from it. On Monday Eric and I again started talking online. Everything just kind of “clicked.” We talked for an hour and a half before we really had to get offline, but we agreed that we ought to talk some more. So… we did. We talked again on Tuesday night for three hours and then again on Wednesday night for another hour and a half.

On Thursday I asked if I could go to a soccer game he was playing in that night. At this point I was really enjoying getting to know Eric and I was falling for him pretty hard, but we hadn’t really spent any actual face-to-face time together since we’d started talking at the beginning of that week. The game was a lot of fun and we arranged to get together later that evening. He came over and played cards with my roommates and me. It was really funny because both of us were trying to test the water. After he went home we talked online for another 3 hours. While we were talking Eric told me that he thought he liked me as more than a friend, and I conceded that I liked him as more than a friend as well, and so we began dating.

After we started dating

We saw each other every day from then on. We went on a second date on Saturday. Even though we didn’t do anything extraordinary, we still had a blast just being together. The next week we had to get ready for finals. Yeah, the timing of our relationship was just wonderful. The cool part was that we studied together every day, and we actually helped each other concentrate! That Friday, Brittny’s father was in town and we went on a date so that Eric could meet him. It was a good experience, and all the pieces kept falling into place.

Sunday afternoon we went to church together and Eric played his violin in sacrament meeting. Later that night we attended a Christmas fireside meeting. It was the perfect end to a perfect week! Or so we thought…

That night, back at Eric’s apartment, we started to discuss our future. In hindsight it was a shock to know how comfortable we felt together so early on. Eric felt a strong prompting to stop wasting time and do what needed to be done. While we were sitting there Eric pulled Brittny by the hands and stood them both up. Then he took off his CTR ring and offered it to Brittny and asked “Brittny, will you marry me?” Unbeknownst to Eric, Brittny had been fasting that day about marrying him and had received a peaceful feeling that she should. Of course she responded “yes!”

So, that’s our story. It’s lengthy in words, but short in time span. It is a miracle. We are so excited to be getting married and adding more pages to our story.

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